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1從前在辣瑪有個厄弗辣因山地的族弗人,名叫厄耳卡納,是耶洛罕的兒子,──耶洛罕是厄里胡的兒子,厄里胡是托胡的兒子,托胡是厄弗辣因人族弗的兒子。──1There was a man of Ramathaimsophim, of mount Ephraim, and his name was Elcana, the son of Jeroham, the son of Eliu, the son of Thohu, the son of Suph, an Ephraimite:
2他有兩個妻子:一個名叫亞納,一個名叫培尼納;培尼納有孩子,亞納卻沒有。2And he had two wives, the name of one was Anna, and the name of the other Phenenna. Phenenna had children: but Anna had no children.
3這人每年從本城上史羅去朝拜祭獻萬軍的上主。那裡有厄里的兩個兒子曷弗尼和丕乃哈斯做上主的司祭。3And this man went up out of his city upon the appointed days, to adore and to offer sacrifice to the Lord of hosts in Silo. And the two sons of Heli, Ophni and Phinees, were there priests of the Lord.
4有一天,厄耳卡納獻祭後,就把祭品給了自己的妻子培尼納和她的兒女好幾分,4Now the day came, and Elcana offered sacrifice, and gave to Phenenna his wife, and to all her sons and daughters, portions:
5只給了亞納一分;他雖喜愛亞納,無奈上主封閉了她的子宮;5But to Anna he gave one portion with sorrow, because he loved Anna. And the Lord had shut up her womb.
6就因上主封閉了亞納的子宮,她的情敵便羞辱剌激她,使她憤怒。6Her rival also afflicted her, and troubled her exceedingly, insomuch that she upbraided her, that the Lord had shut up her womb:
7年年都是這樣:每次她上上主的聖殿時,總是這樣剌激亞納。──亞納傷心痛哭,不肯吃飯。7And thus she did every year, when the time returned that they went up to the temple of the Lord: and thus she provoked her: but Anna wept, and did not eat.
8她的丈夫厄耳卡納對她說:「亞納,你為什麼哭,不肯用飯?為什麼傷心?難道我對你不比十個兒子還好嗎?」8Then Elcana her husband said to her: Anna, why weepest thou? and why dost thou not eat? And why dost thou afflict thy heart? Am not I better to thee than ten children?
9在史羅吃喝完了,亞納就起來走到上主面前;那時司祭厄里正對著上主聖殿門口,坐在椅子上。9So Anna arose after she had eaten and drunk in Silo: And Heli the priest sitting upon a stool, before the door of the temple of the Lord:
10她心靈愁苦,哀求上主,不斷痛哭流淚;10As Anna had her heart full of grief, she prayed to the Lord, shedding many tears,
11且許願說:「萬軍的上主,若你垂顧你婢女的痛苦,記念我,不忘你的婢女,賜你婢女生一個男孩,我就將他一生獻於上主,一輩子不給他剃頭。」11And she made a vow, saying: O Lord, of hosts, if thou wilt look down on the affliction of thy servant, and wilt be mindful of me, and not forget thy handmaid, and wilt give to thy servant a man child: I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and no razor shall come upon his head.
12亞納在上主面前祈禱很久,厄里曾注意到她的嘴唇;12And it came to pass, as she multiplied prayers before the Lord, that Heli observed her mouth.
13亞納只是心內訴說,嘴唇微動,卻聽不到她的聲音,厄里卻以為她喝醉了,13Now Anna spoke in her heart, and only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard at all. Heli therefore thought her to be drunk,
14就對她說:「你要醉到幾時?消消你身上的酒氣罷!」14And said to her: How long wilt thou, be drunk? digest a little the wine, of which thou hast taken too much.
15亞納答說:「我主!你想錯了;我是個遭遇不幸的女人,清酒烈酒總不沾唇;我是在上主面前傾吐我的心意。15Anna answering, said: Not so, my lord: for I am an exceeding unhappy woman, and have drunk neither wine nor any strong drink, but I have poured out my soul before the Lord.
16望你不要以為你的婢女是個壞人,因為我由於極度的痛苦悲傷,纔一直傾訴到現在。」16Count not thy handmaid for one of the daughters of Belial: for out of the abundance of my sorrow and grief have I spoken till now.
17厄里回答她說:「你平安去罷!願以色列的天主賜給你求他的事。」17Then Heli said to her: Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition, which thou hast asked of him.
18她答說:「願你的婢女在你眼內蒙恩。」這女人就回了旅舍,吃完飯,不再愁容滿面。18And she said: Would to God thy handmaid may find grace in thy eyes. So the woman went on her way, and ate, and her countenance was no more changed.
19次日清早,他們起來,朝拜了上主,就回了辣瑪本家。厄耳卡納認識了妻子亞納,上主也記念了她,19And they rose in the morning, and worshipped before the Lord: and they returned, and came into their house at Ramatha. And Elcana knew Anna his wife: and the Lord remembered her.
20亞納就懷了孕,生了一個兒子,給他起名叫撒慕爾,說:「因為是我向上主求得了他。」約過了一年,20And it came to pass when the time was come about, Anna conceived and bore a son, and called his name Samuel: because she had asked him of the Lord.
21她的丈夫厄耳卡納和全家上史羅去,向上主奉獻年祭,並還所許的願,21And Elcana her husband went up, and all his house, to offer to the Lord the solemn sacrifice, and his vow.
22亞納卻沒有上去,因她對丈夫說:「等孩子斷了乳,我要帶他去,將他奉獻給上主,以後他永住在那裡。」22But Anna went not up: for she said to her husband: I will not go till the child be weaned, and till I may carry him, that he may appear before the Lord, and may abide always there.
23她的丈夫厄耳卡納對她說:「就照你的意思辦罷!等他斷了乳再說;惟願上主實現你的話!」於是他的妻子留在家裡,乳養孩子,直到斷了乳。23And Elcana her husband said to her: Do what seemeth good to thee, and stay till thou wean him: and I pray that the Lord may fulfill his word. So the woman stayed at home, and gave her son suck, till she weaned him.
24斷乳後,她便帶著小孩和一頭三歲的牛,一『厄法』麵和一皮囊酒,來到史羅上主的聖殿﹔孩子還很小。24And after she had weaned him, she carried him with her, with three calves, and three bushels of flour, and a bottle of wine, and she brought him to the house of the Lord in Silo. Now the child was as yet very young:
25他們祭殺了牛以後,孩子的母親來到厄里前,25And they immolated a calf, and offered the child to Heli.
26對他說:「我主,請聽:我主,就如你活著那樣真實,我就是曾在你旁邊祈求上主的那個婦人,26And Anna said: I beseech thee, my lord, as thy soul liveth, my lord: I am that woman who stood before thee here praying to the Lord.
27那時我為得到這孩子祈禱,上主就賞賜了我所懇求的,27For this child did I pray, and the Lord hath granted me my petition, which I asked of him.
28 所以我現在把他獻於上主,他一生是屬於上主的。」亞納便把他留在上主那裡。 28Therefore I also have lent him to the Lord all the days of his life, he shall be lent to the Lord. And they adored the Lord there. And Anna prayed, and said:
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