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撒慕爾紀上 1 Samuel
1上主對撒慕爾說:「我既然廢棄了撒烏耳,不要他作以色列的君王,你為他要悲傷到幾時呢?把你的角盛滿油,我派你到白冷人葉瑟那裏去,因為在他的兒子中,我已為我選定了一位君王。」 1And the Lord said to Samuel: How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, whom I have rejected from reigning over Israel? fill thy horn with oil, and come, that I may send thee to Isai the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.
2撒慕爾回答說:「我怎能去?若撒烏耳聽說了,必要殺我。」上主回答說:「你手裏牽一頭小母牛說:我為祭獻上主而來。 2And Samuel said: How shall I go? for Saul will hear of it, and he will kill me. And the Lord said: Thou shalt take with thee a calf of the herd, and thou shalt say: I am come to sacrifice to the Lord.
3你應請葉瑟參與祭獻,我要告訴你當作的事,你要為我所指給你的人傅油。」 3And thou shalt call Isai to the sacrifice, and I will shew thee what thou art to do, and thou shalt anoint him whom I shall shew to thee.
4撒慕爾遂依照上主吩咐他的作了。及至到了白冷,城內的長老都戰慄前來迎接他說:「你駕臨這裏平安嗎?」 4Then Samuel did as the Lord had said to him. And he came to Bethlehem, and the ancients of the city wondered, and meeting him, they said: Is thy coming hither peaceable?
5他回答說:「平安,我是為祭獻上主而來的,你們應聖潔自己,來同我一起獻祭。」他聖潔了葉瑟和他的兒子,請他們來參與祭獻。 5And he said: It is peaceable: I am come to offer sacrifice to the Lord, be ye sanctified, and come with me to the sacrifice. And he sanctified Isai and his sons, and called them to the sacrifice.
6他們一來到,他見了厄里雅布,心裏想:這一定是立在上主前的受傅者。 6And when they were come in, he saw Eliab, and said: Is the Lord's anointed before him?
7但上主對撒慕爾說:「你不要注意他的容貌和他高大的身材,我拒絕要他,因為天主的看法與人不同:人看外貌,上主卻看人心。」 7And the Lord said to Samuel: Look not on his countenance, nor on the height of his stature: because I have rejected him, nor do I judge according to the look of man: for man seeth those things that appear, but the Lord beholdeth the heart.
8葉瑟叫阿彼納達布來,領他到撒慕爾面前;但是他說:「這也不是上主所揀選的。」 8And Isai called Abinadab, and brought him before Samuel. And he said: Neither hath the Lord chosen this.
9葉瑟就叫沙瑪來;他又說:「這也不是上主所揀選的。」 9And Isai brought Samma, and he said of him: Neither hath the Lord chosen this.
10葉瑟就叫他的七個兒子都到撒慕爾面前來,撒慕爾對葉瑟說:「上主沒有揀選這些人。」 10Isai therefore brought his seven sons before Samuel: and Samuel said to Isai: The Lord hath not chosen any one of these.
11撒慕爾於是問葉瑟說:「孩子們全到了嗎?」他回答說:「還有一個最小的,他正在放羊。」撒慕爾對葉瑟說:「快派人帶他來,因為他不來,我們決不入席。」 11And Samuel said to Isai: Are here all thy sons? He answered: There remaineth yet a young one, who keepeth the sheep. And Samuel said to Isai: Send, and fetch him, for we will not sit down till he come hither.
12他於是派人把他帶來,他是一個有血色,眉清目秀,外貌英俊的少年。上主說:「起來,給他傅油,就是這一位。」 12He sent therefore and brought him Now he was ruddy and beautiful to behold, and of a comely face. And the Lord said: Arise, and anoint him, for this is he.
13撒慕爾拿起油角來,在他兄弟們中給他傅了油。從那天起,上主的神便降臨於達味。事後,撒慕爾起身回了辣瑪。 13Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward: and Samuel rose up, and went to Ramatha.
14上主的神離棄了撒烏耳,便有惡神從上主那裏來擾亂他。 14But the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him.
15撒烏耳的臣僕對他說:「看,由天主那裏來的惡神時來擾亂你。 15And the servants of Saul said to him: Behold now an evil spirit from God troubleth thee.
16只要我主吩咐一聲,你跟前的臣僕便會去找一個善於彈琴的人來,當惡神由天主那裏降在你身上時,叫他彈奏,你必感到舒服。」 16Let our lord give orders, and thy servants who are before thee will seek out a man skillful in playing on the harp, that when the evil spirit from the Lord is upon thee, he may play with his hand, and thou mayest bear it more easily.
17撒烏耳就對他的臣僕說:「好,你們給我找一個善於彈奏的人,引來見我。」 17And Saul said to his servants: Provide me then some man that can play well, and bring him to me.
18有個僕人立刻提議說:「我見過白冷人葉瑟的一個兒子會彈奏,這人又驍勇善戰,擅於辭令,身材英俊,上主又與他同在。」 18And one of the servants answering, said: Behold I have seen a son of Isai the Bethlehemite, a skillful player, and one of great strength, and a man fit for war, and prudent in his words, and a comely person: and the Lord is with him.
19撒烏耳遂派使者到葉瑟那裏說:「將你【那放羊】的兒子達味送到我這裏來!」 19Then Saul sent messengers to Isai, saying: Send me David thy son, who is in the pastures.
20葉瑟便取了十個餅,一皮囊酒,一隻小山羊,叫他的兒子達味送給撒烏耳。 20And Isai took an ass laden with bread, and a bottle of wine, and a kid of the flock, and sent them by the hand of David his son to Saul.
21達味於是來到撒烏耳前,侍立在他左右;撒烏耳很愛他,叫他作自己的持戟侍衛。 21And David came to Saul, and stood before him: and he loved him exceedingly, and made him his armourbearer.
22撒烏耳派人到葉瑟那裏說:「讓達味侍立在我左右,因為他得了我的歡心。」 22And Saul sent to Isai, saying: Let David stand before me: for he hath found favour in my sight.
23每當惡神由天主那裏降在撒烏耳身上時,達味就拿起琴來彈奏,撒烏耳就覺得爽快舒服,惡神也就離開了他。 23So whensoever the evil spirit from the Lord was upon Saul, David took his harp, and played with his hand, and Saul was refreshed, and was better, for the evil spirit departed from him.
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