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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1一百五十一年,色婁苛的的兒子德默特琉,逃離羅馬,帶着少數幾個人,在沿海的一座城登陸,在那裏稱王。 1In the hundred and fifty-first year Demetrius the son of Seleucus departed from the city of Rome, and came up with a few men into a city of the sea coast, and reigned there.
2當他要進入祖先王宮時,他的軍隊將安提約古和里息雅逮捕了,要給他解來。 2And it came to pass, as he entered into the house of the kingdom of his fathers, that the army seized upon Antiochus, and Lysias, to bring them unto him.
3但他一聽說這事,就說:「你們不要讓我見他們的面。」 3And when he knew it, he said: Let me not see their face.
4軍隊便將他們殺了;德默特琉於是坐上了本國的王位。 4So the army slew them. And Demetrius sat upon the throne of his kingdom:
5那時,一般無法無天的以色列人,以想作大司祭的阿耳基慕為首,竟來到王跟前, 5And there came to him the wicked and ungodly men of Israel: And Alcimus was at the head of them, who desired to be made high priest.
6控告自己的百姓說:「猶大和他的兄弟們,殺害了你所有的朋友,也使我們離開本國。 6And they accused the people to the king, saying: Judas and his brethren have destroyed all thy friends, and he hath driven us out of our land.
7現在,請派遣你信賴的人,去看看他們加於我們及王國的一切破壞情形,然後對他們和他們的助手處以懲罰。」 7Now therefore send some man whom thou trustest, and let him go, and see all the havock he hath made amongst us, and in the king's lands: and let him punish all his friends and their helpers.
8王便從自己的朋友中選了巴基德;他原是河西的總督,國家的一位要人,且忠於君王。 8Then the king chose Bacchides, one of his friends that ruled beyond the great river in the kingdom, and was faithful to the king: and he sent him,
9王派他與惡棍阿耳基慕同去,且委任阿耳基慕為大司祭,叫他向以色列子民復仇。 9To see the havock that Judas had made: and the wicked Alcimus he made high priest, and commanded him to take revenge upon the children of Israel.
10他們帶着大軍動身到了猶太地,就打發使者,向猶大及其兄弟們和談,欺騙他們; 10And they arose, and came with a great army into the land of Juda: and they sent messengers, and spoke to Judas and his brethren with peaceable words deceitfully.
11不過他們並不理會那些人的話,因為已看出他們帶着大軍而來的用意。 11But they gave no heed to their words: for they saw that they were come with a great army.
12無如,經師團竟集體去見阿耳基慕和巴基德,要求公正調解。 12Then there assembled to Alcimus and Bacchides a company of the scribes to require things that are just:
13其次,在以色列平民中,首先是哈息待人來向他們求和, 13And first the Assideans that were among the children of Israel, and they sought peace of them.
14因為他們想:「來者是位亞郎後裔的司祭,他雖然帶着軍隊,但決不會加害我們。」 14For they said: One that is a priest of the seed of Aaron is come, he will not deceive us.
15阿耳基慕遂向他們說了一些親善的話,還發誓說:「我們決不謀害你們及你們的朋友!」 15And he spoke to them peaceably: and he swore to them, saying: We will do you no harm nor your friends.
16他們便信了他的話。那料想阿耳基慕竟捕去他們六十人,在一天之內將他們都殺死,應驗了經上這句話: 16And they believed him. And he took threescore of them, and slew them in one day, according to the word that is written:
17「在耶路撒冷四周,他們分散了你聖者的肉體,傾流了他們的血,無人埋葬。」 17The flesh of thy saints, and the blood of them they have shed round about Jerusalem, and there was none to bury them.
18於是,恐怖戰慄籠罩着整個百姓;遂說:「這些人沒有真理,沒有正義,違犯了盟約,背棄了發過的誓言。」 18Then fear and trembling fell upon all the people: for they said: There is no truth, nor justice among them: for they have broken the covenant, and the oath which they made.
19那時,巴基德從耶路撒冷出發,在貝特齋特安營,打發人將許多逃來跟從他的人,和一些平民拘捕殺害,投在大坑裏。 19And Bacchides removed the camp from Jerusalem, and pitched in Bethzecha: and he sent, and took many of them that were fled away from him, and some of the people he killed, and threw them into a great pit.
20然後把這地委託給阿耳基慕管理,又給他留下軍隊協助他;巴基德就回到王那裏去了。 20Then he committed the country to Alcimus, and left with him troops to help him. So Bacchides went away to the king:
21阿耳基慕仍為作大司祭而活動; 21But Alcimus did what he could to maintain his chief priesthood.
22那些擾亂自己百姓的人,都同他聯合,佔據了猶太地,在以色列中釀成大禍。 22And they that disturbed the people resorted to him, and they got the land of Juda into their power, and did much hurt in Israel.
23猶大見阿耳基慕及跟從他的人,對以色列子民所行的一切,比異民還壞, 23And Judas saw all the evils that Alcimus, and they that were with him, did to the children of Israel, much more than the Gentiles.
24便出巡猶太四境,對叛徒採取報復,阻止他們到鄉間去。 24And he went out into all the coasts of Juda round about, and took vengeance upon the men that had revolted, and they ceased to go forth any more into the country.
25阿耳基慕一見猶大和他的同伴力量強大,自知不能抵抗,就回到王前,控告他們許多罪行。 25And Alcimus saw that Judas, and they that were with him prevailed: and he knew that he could not stand against them, and he went back to the king, and accused them of many crimes.
26王的一位名將尼加諾爾,很仇恨以色列人,王就派遣他,命他去殲滅這百姓。 26And the king sent Nicanor one of his principal lords, who was a great enemy to Israel: and he commanded him to destroy the people.
27尼加諾爾率領大軍,一來到耶路撒冷,便派人去見猶大和他的兄弟們,詐言和談說: 27And Nicanor came to Jerusalem with a great army, and he sent to Judas and to his brethren deceitfully with friendly words,
28「願你我之間,沒有戰爭。我願同少數人來,與你們和平會面。」 28Saying: Let there be no fighting between me and you: I will come with a few men to see your faces with peace.
29於是尼加諾爾去見猶大,彼此和氣地請了安;可是敵人已準備好要劫持猶大。 29And he came to Judas, and they saluted one another peaceably: and the enemies were prepared to take away Judas by force.
30猶大一知他來意不善,就非常害怕,不願再見他的面。 30And the thing was known to Judas that he was come to him with deceit: and he was much afraid of him, and would not see his face any more.
31尼加諾爾知道自己的計謀已被識破,就出去,在加法撒拉瑪對面,和猶大交戰。 31And Nicanor knew that his counsel was discovered: and he went out to fight against Judas near Capharsalama.
32這次尼加諾爾的軍隊死的,約有五百人,其餘的人都逃到達味城裏。 32And there fell of Nicanor's army almost five thousand men, and they fled into the city of David.
33這些事過後,尼加諾爾上了熙雍山。有幾位司祭和幾位民間長老,從聖所裏出來,和顏悅色地向他請安,並將為君王所獻的全燔祭品,指給他看。 33And after this Nicanor went up into mount Sion: and some of the priests and the people came out to salute him peaceably, and to shew him the holocausts that were offered for the king.
34但他對那些人卻加以輕慢、嘲笑、褻瀆,還說了一些傲慢的話。 34But he mocked them and despised them, and abused them: and he spoke proudly,
35且又忿怒地發誓說:「猶大和他的軍隊,若不立即交在我手裏,當我平安回來時,必要將這殿宇燒毀。」以後氣憤地出去了。 35And swore in anger, saying: Unless Judas and his army be delivered into my hands, as soon as ever I return in peace, I will burn this house. And he went out in a great rage.
36司祭便進去,站在祭壇及聖殿前哭泣說: 36And the priests went in, and stood before the face of the altar and the temple: and weeping, they said:
37「主啊!是你選擇了這地方,使它因你的名而得名,作為你百姓祈禱呼籲的殿宇。 37Thou, O Lord, hast chosen this house for thy name to be called upon therein, that it might be a house of prayer and supplication for thy people.
38求你在這人和他的軍隊身上復仇,使他們死在刀劍下!你要記住他們的褻瀆,不容他們存在!」 38Be avenged of this man, and his army, and let them fall by the sword: remember their blasphemies, and suffer them not to continue any longer.
39尼加諾爾撤出耶路撒冷,在貝特曷龍安營,在那裏有一支敘利亞的軍隊與他會合。 39Then Nicanor went out from Jerusalem, and encamped near to Bethoron: and an army of Syria joined him.
40猶大率領三千人,在阿達撒安營。猶大祈禱說: 40But Judas pitched in Adarsa with three thousand men: and Judas prayed, and said:
41「主啊!當亞述君王的兵士說褻瀆話時,你的天使出來,殺死了他們十八萬五千。 41O Lord, when they that were sent by king Sennacherib blasphemed thee, an angel went out, and slew of them a hundred and eighty-five thousand:
42今天,你也在我們面前,同樣殲滅這支軍隊罷!使其餘的人知道,他曾咒罵過你的聖所。請按他的惡行處罰他!」 42Even so destroy this army in our sight today, and let the rest know that he hath spoken ill against thy sanctuary: and judge thou him according to his wickedness.
43「阿達爾」月十三日,雙方軍隊交戰,尼加諾爾的軍隊潰敗,他自己首先陣亡了。 43And the armies joined battle on the thirteenth day of the month Adar: and the army of Nicanor was defeated, and he himself was first slain in the battle.
44尼加諾爾的軍隊一見他死了,就棄甲逃走。 44And when his army saw that Nicanor was slain, they threw away their weapons, and fled:
45猶太人追趕他們有一天的路程,從阿達撒一直追到革則爾,還在他們後邊吹角為號, 45And they pursued after them one day's journey from Adazer, even till ye come to Gazara, and they sounded the trumpets after them with signals.
46使四周的猶太人,都從各村鎮出來,包圍他們。於是敵軍互相踐踏,都喪身刀下,一個也沒有留下。 46And they went forth out of all the towns of Judea round about, and they pushed them with the horns, and they turned again to them, and they were all slain with the sword, and there was not left of them so much as one.
47猶太人得了戰利品和贓物,砍下尼加諾爾的頭,和他傲慢伸過的右手,帶回來,懸在耶路撒冷附近。 47And they took the spoils of them for a booty, and they cut off Nicanor's head, and his right hand, which he had proudly stretched out, and they brought it, and hung it up over against Jerusalem.
48百姓非常歡喜,慶祝那一天,有如喜慶的節日。 48And the people rejoiced exceedingly, and they spent that day with great joy.
49於是規定每年「阿達爾」月十三日為慶日。 49And he ordained that this day should be kept every year, being the thirteenth of the month of Adar.
50猶太地遂平安了一個時期。 50And the land of Juda was quiet for a short time.




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