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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1安提約古王出巡高原時,聽說在波斯有一座城,名叫厄里買,以富有金銀着名; 1Now king Antiochus was going through the higher countries, and he heard that the city of Elymais in Persia was greatly renowned, and abounding in silver and gold.
2城中的廟宇很富,並且還有金盾鎧甲和武器,都是馬其頓王斐理伯之子希臘首任國王亞歷山大遺留下的。 2And that there was in it a temple, exceeding rich: and coverings of gold, and breastplates, and shields which king Alexander, son of Philip the Macedonian that reigned first in Greece, had left there.
3他便來到那裏,想攻佔那城,但沒有成功,因為城裏的人早已知道他的來意, 3Lo, he came, and sought to take the city and to pillage it: But he was not able, because the design was known to them that were in the city.
4竟起來與他交戰,他臨陣逃走,狼狽地離開那裏,回到巴比倫。 4And they rose up against him in battle, and he fled away from thence, and departed with great sadness, and returned towards Babylonia.
5有人來到波斯給他報告說:「那開往猶太地的軍隊已經敗退; 5And whilst he was in Persia, there came one that told him, how the armies that were in the land of Juda were put to flight:
6帶勁旅去前線的里息雅,一見猶太人就退卻了;猶太人卻奪得敗軍的兵器及大批物資,力量大增。 6And that Lysias went with a very great power, and was put to flight before the face of the Jews, and that they were grown strong by the armour, and power, and store of spoils, which they had gotten out of the camps which they had destroyed:
7他們又拆毀王在耶路撒冷的祭壇上建立的可憎之物,將聖所及貝特族爾王寨用高牆圍起來,恢復了舊觀。」 7And that they had thrown down the abomination which he had set up upon the altar in Jerusalem, and that they had compassed about the sanctuary with high walls as before, and Bethsura also his city.
8王聽了這些話,驚慌失措,倒在床上,憂鬱成疾,因為事情沒有符合他的理想。 8And it came to pass when the king heard these words, that he was struck with fear, and exceedingly moved: and he laid himself down upon his bed, and fell sick for grief, because it had not fallen out to him as he imagined.
9在那裏一連多日,憂鬱日漸加重,知道死期近了, 9And he remained there many days: for great grief came more and more and more upon him, and he made account that he should die.
10便將他的諸位朋友叫來,對他們說:「睡眠離開了我眼睛,愁思齊集在我的心頭。 10And he called for all his friends, and said to them: Sleep is gone from my eyes, and I am fallen away, and my heart is cast down for anxiety.
11我心裏想,從前我得勢的時候,多麼高興,多麼受人愛戴;如今遭受的是什麼災難,遇到的是什麼巨浪啊! 11And I said in my heart: Into how much tribulation am I come, and into what floods of sorrow, wherein now I am: I that was pleasant and beloved in my power!
12現在回想起我在耶路撒冷所作的惡事:我掠去城中的一切金器銀器,無緣無故遣人去消滅猶太的居民。 12But now I remember the evils that I have done in Jerusalem, from whence also I took away all the spoils of gold, and of silver that were in it, and I sent to destroy the inhabitants of Juda without cause.
13如今我明白了,我遭遇這些凶禍,正是為了這個緣故,看,我將在異鄉憂鬱而死!」 13I know therefore that for this cause these evils have found me: and behold I perish with great grief in a strange land.
14他將自己的一個朋友斐理伯叫來,立他為全國的元首; 14Then he called Philip, one of his friends, and he made him regent over all his kingdom.
15然後將自己的冠冕、長袍和權戒交給他,叫他輔導自己的兒子安提約古,撫養他繼承王位。 15And he gave him the crown, and his robe, and his ring, that he should go to Antiochus his son, and should bring him up for the kingdom.
16安提約古王就死在那裏,時在一百四十九年。 16So king Antiochus died there in the year one hundred and forty-nine.
17里息雅知道王已去世,遂立太子安提約古為王,因為他自幼撫養過他,就給他起名叫歐帕托爾。 17And Lysias understood that the king was dead, and he set up Antiochus his son to reign, whom he brought up young: and he called his name Eupator.
18那時,那些住在堡壘裏的人,常包圍聖所,困擾以色列人,不斷加害百姓,而支持異民。 18Now they that were in the castle, had shut up the Israelites round about the holy places: and they were continually seeking their hurt, and to strengthen the Gentiles.
19猶大決意剷除他們,便召集全體百姓,向他們圍攻。 19And Judas purposed to destroy them: and he called together all the people, to besiege them.
20一百五十年,以色列人齊來圍攻堡壘,同時還造了戰樓與軍械。 20And they came together, and besieged them in the year one hundred and fifty, and they made battering slings and engines.
21被包圍的人中,有幾個突圍而出,與一些以色列浪人勾結, 21And some of the besieged got out: and some wicked men of Israel joined themselves unto them.
22去見王說:「你何時才實行正義,為我們的弟兄伸冤呢? 22And they went to the king, and said: How long dost thou delay to execute the judgment, and to revenge our brethren?
23我們很願意服事你的父親,遵行他的話,順從他的命令, 23We determined to serve thy father and to do according to his orders, and obey his edicts:
24為這個緣故,我們的百姓纔包圍堡壘,仇視我們,遇見我們一個,便殺一個,還奪去了我們的產業。 24And for this they of our nation are alienated from us, and have slain as many of us as they could find, and have spoiled our inheritances.
25他們不但伸手加害我們,而且還加害你的一切領域。 25Neither have they put forth their hand against us only, but also against all our borders.
26他們今天正紮營圍困耶路撒冷的堡壘,想要佔據;且防守聖所及貝特族爾。 26And behold they have approached this day to the castle of Jerusalem to take it, and they have fortified the stronghold of Bethsura:
27若不及早加以防範,必為後患,那你就不制服他們了。 27And unless thou speedily prevent them, they will do greater things than these, and thou shalt not be able to subdue them.
28王聽罷大怒,立即召集諸位朋友、軍官和騎兵將領, 28Now when the king heard this, he was angry: and he called together all his friends, and the captains of his army, and them that were over the horsemen.
29也把從外國及海島招募來的軍隊,召到他前。 29There came also to him from other realms, and from the islands of the sea hired troops.
30軍隊的數目:共計步兵十萬,騎兵兩萬,受過軍訓的象三十二頭。 30And the number of his army was an hundred thousand footmen, and twenty thousand horsemen, and thirty-two elephants, trained to battle.
31他們由依杜默雅抵達後,便紮營圍困貝特族爾,攻打了多日,同時也造了軍械;但猶太人衝出來,用火燒了那些軍械,都奮勇作戰。 31And they went through Idumea, and approached to Bethsura, and fought many days, and they made engines: but they sallied forth and burnt them with fire, and fought manfully.
32那時猶大撤離堡壘,移營到貝特匝加黎雅,與王營對峙。 32And Judas departed from the castle, and removed the camp to Bethzacharam, over against the king's camp.
33王清晨起來,即移營向貝特匝加黎雅進軍,軍隊列隊上陣,響起號角。 33And the king rose before it was light, and made his troops march on fiercely towards the way of Bethzacharam: and the armies made themselves ready for the battle, and they sounded the trumpets:
34有人在象前,放上葡萄汁和桑葚汁,引誘牠們上陣作戰, 34And they shewed the elephants the blood of grapes, and mulberries to provoke them to fight.
35把象分編成隊,每隻象旁站一千人,都身披鎧甲,頭戴鋼盔;又為每隻象派有精騎五百。 35And they distributed the beasts by the legions: and there stood by every elephant a thousand men in coats of mail, and with helmets of brass on their heads: and five hundred horsemen set in order were chosen for every beast.
36這些騎兵從前常同這獸在一起,獸往那裏去,他們也隨着去,總不離開。 36These before the time wheresoever the beast was, the were there: and withersoever it went, they went, and they departed not from it.
37在每隻獸身上,繫着一座掩護堅固的木樓,裏面有四個作戰勇士,此外還有一個駕馭象的印度人。 37And upon the beast, there were strong wooden towers, which covered every one of them: and engines upon them: and upon every one thirty-two valiant men, who fought from above; and an Indian to rule the beast.
38又將其餘馬隊,分為軍中左右兩翼,為驚擾對方,也為掩護陣線。 38And the rest of the horsemen he placed on this side and on that side at the two wings, with trumpets to stir up the army, and to hasten them forward that stood thick together in the legions thereof.
39太陽照在金牌銅牌上,光耀反射在山上,閃爍有如火炬。 39Now when the sun shone upon the shields of gold, and of brass, the mountains glittered therewith, and they shone like lamps of fire.
40王的軍隊一部分在高山上,一部分在平原裏,一起穩步前進。 40And part of the king's army was distinguished by the high mountains, and the other part by the low places: and they marched on warily and orderly.
41眾人的喧嘩聲,進軍的步伐聲,軍器的摩擦聲,凡聽了無不戰慄,因為王的軍隊實在強大。 41And all the inhabitants of the land were moved at the noise of their multitude, and the marching of the company, and the rattling of the armour, for the army was exceeding great and strong.
42猶大和他的軍隊一臨陣,王的軍隊便陣亡了六百人。 42And Judas and his army drew near for battle: and there fell of the king's army six hundred men.
43號稱奧郎的厄肋阿匝爾,見一隻獸披着王甲,比眾獸都高,便以為在上面的是王, 43And Eleazar the son of Saura saw one of the beasts harnessed with the king's harness: and it was higher than the other beasts: and it seemed to him that the king was on it:
44為了拯救百姓,為自己永遠成名,他就決意犧牲自己。 44And he exposed himself to deliver his people and to get himself an everlasting name.
45於是勇往直前,衝入陣中,左右亂殺,敵軍居然被他隨處衝散; 45And he ran up to it boldly in the midst of the legion, killing on the right hand, and on the left, and they fell by him on this side and that side.
46他跑到象下,伏身將牠刺殺了,象跌倒在地,壓在他身上,他就死在那裏。 46And he went between the feet of the elephant, and put himself under it: and slew it, and it fell to the ground upon him, and he died there.
47猶太人見王的軍力強盛,軍隊攻擊得又兇猛,就從他們前退卻了。 47Then they seeing the strength of the king and the fierceness of his army, turned away from them.
48王的軍隊直開往耶路撒冷,攻打他們,王便面對猶太和熙雍山安營。 48But the king's army went up against them to Jerusalem: and the king's army pitched their tents against Judea and mount Sion.
49王與貝特族爾人講了和,他們就出了城,是因為城被包圍已沒有存糧,又因為那一年正是田地的安息年。 49And he made peace with them that were in Bethsura: and they came forth out of the city, because they had no victuals, being shut up there, for it was the year of rest to the land.
50王便佔據了貝特族爾,在那裏派軍隊把守。 50And the king took Bethsura: and he placed there a garrison to keep it.
51王在聖所對面安營多日,且在那裏建立了戰樓,製造軍械,火箭機,拋石機和蝎子機,為發箭拋石。 51And he turned his army against the sanctuary for many days: and he set up there battering slings, and engines and instruments to cast fire, and engines to cast stones and javelins, and pieces to shoot arrows, and slings.
52猶太人為抵抗敵人武器,自己也製造了利器,雙方酣戰多日。 52And they also made engines against their engines, and they fought for many days.
53只是倉中沒有糧食,因為這年正是安息年,又因為從外方被救回猶太地的人民,將存糧都吃光了, 53But there were no victuals in the city, because it was the seventh year: and such as had stayed in Judea of them that came from among the nations, had eaten the residue of all that which had been stored up.
54所以在聖所裏只留下少數人,因為飢餓逼人,各自四散回本鄉去了。 54And there remained in the holy places but a few, for the famine had prevailed over them: and they were dispersed every man to his own place.
55里息雅聽說:當先王還活着的時候,派定撫養自己的兒子安提約古,並輔佐他為王的斐理伯, 55Now Lysias heard that Philip, whom king Antiochus while he lived had appointed to bring up his son Antiochus, and to reign, to be king,
56和與王一起出征的軍隊,從波斯及瑪待回來,企圖奪取政權。 56Was returned from Persia, and Media, with the army that went with him, and that he sought to take upon him the affairs of the kingdom:
57里息雅一聽說,就決意急速撤兵,便向王與軍官及眾人說:「我們一天比一天衰弱,又缺少食糧,圍困的地方又牢不可破,況且國家的大事都壓在我們身上, 57Wherefore he made haste to go, and say to the king and to the captains of the army: We decay daily, and our provision of victuals is small, and the place that we lay siege to is strong, and it lieth upon us to take order for the affairs of the kingdom.
58所以現在,我們不如先同這些人攜手,與他們及他們的百姓講和, 58Now therefore let us come to an agreement with these men, and make peace with them and with all their nation.
59使他們按自己的法律生活,如同先前一樣,因為他們正是為了我們廢棄他們法律的緣故,纔大發盛怒,作出這一切事。」 59And let us covenant with them, that they may live according to their own laws as before. For because of our despising their laws, they have been provoked, and have done all these things.
60王和各將領都滿意這話,便打發使者到猶太人那裏去講和,猶太人也予以接受。 60And the proposal was acceptable in the sight of the king, and of the princes: and he sent to them to make peace: and they accepted of it.
61王和各將領也對他們發了誓,因此,他們纔從堡壘裏出來。 61And the king and the princes swore to them: and they came out of the stronghold.
62可是,當王到了熙雍山,見了這地方的堡壘,便立時背棄誓約,命人將四周的圍牆拆毀。 62Then the king entered into mount Sion, and saw the strength of the place: and he quickly broke the oath that he had taken, and gave commandment to throw down the wall round about.
63然後,急速起程,回到安提約基雅,見斐理伯已在城內掌權,就與他作戰,用武力將城奪回。 63And he departed in haste, and returned to Antioch, where he found Philip master of the city: and he fought against him, and took the city.




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