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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1四鄰的異民聽說猶太人重建了祭壇,重新祝聖了聖所,恢復舊觀,於是大怒, 1Now it came to pass, when the nations round about heard that the altar and the sanctuary were built up as before, that they were exceeding angry.
2決意要剷除自己中間的雅各伯的後裔,就開始屠殺猶太人,加以清除。 2And they thought to destroy the generation of Jacob that were among them, and they began to kill some of the people, and to persecute them.
3那時猶大在依杜默雅的阿卡巴特乃,攻打正在包圍以色列人的厄撒烏的後裔,加以痛擊,予以重創;制服他們,獲得了許多財物。 3Then Judas fought against the children of Esau in Idumea, and them that were in Acrabathane: because they beset the Israelites around about, and he made a great slaughter of them.
4他又想起貝紅人的惡行,這些人常作猶太人的羅網和絆腳石,埋伏在路上窺伺陷害。 4And he remembered the malice of the children of Bean: who were a snare and a stumblingblock to the people, by lying in wait for them in the way.
5猶大將他們包圍在碉堡裏,安營攻打,下了毀滅令,遂放火將碉堡和其中所有的人焚燒了。 5And they were shut up by him in towers, and he set upon them, and devoted them to utter destruction, and burnt their towers with fire, and all that were in them.
6以後去攻打阿孟子民時,遭遇了強悍大軍,軍長是提摩太, 6Then he passed over to the children of Ammon, where he found a mighty power, and much people, and Timotheus was their captain:
7兩軍交戰多次,敵軍終為猶大所擊敗,猶大追殺他們, 7And he fought many battles with them, and they were discomfited in their sight, and he smote them:
8佔據了雅則爾及所屬村鎮,然後回師猶太。 8And he took the city of Gazer and her towns, and returned into Judea.
9基肋阿得的異民聚集起來,攻擊住在他們境內的以色列人,要消除他們;於是以色列人逃到達特瑪堡壘裏, 9And the Gentiles that were in Galaad, assembled themselves together against the Israelites that were in their quarters to destroy them: and they fled into the fortress of Datheman.
10寫信給猶大及他的兄弟們說:「我們四周的異民都聚集起來攻打我們,要剷除我們。 10And they sent letters to Judas and his brethren, saying, The heathens that are round about are gathered together against us, to destroy us:
11他們正準備來奪取我們避難的堡壘,提摩太是他們的軍長; 11And they are preparing to come, and to take the fortress into which we are fled: and Timotheus is the captain of their host.
12所以現在,請你來拯救我們,脫離他們的手!我們已有許多人喪生。 12Now therefore come, and deliver us out of their hands, for many of us are slain.
13住在托布的眾弟兄已全被殺,妻子兒女被俘擄,財物被劫掠,在那裏被殺的約有一千人。」 13And all our brethren that were in the places of Tubin, are killed: and they have carried away their wives, and their children, captives, and taken their spoils, and they have slain there almost a thousand men.
14正在讀這封信時,又有從加里肋亞來使者,他們的衣服業已撕破,報告消息說: 14And while they were yet reading these letters, behold there came other messengers out of Galilee with their garments rent, who related according to these words:
15「仆托肋買、提洛、漆冬,以及外方人的加里肋亞,都已聚集起來,要消滅我們。」 15Saying, that they of Ptolemais, and of Tyre, and of Sidon, were assembled against them, and all Galilee is filled with strangers, in order to consume us.
16猶大與百姓一聽見這些消息,立即召集全體大會,商討怎樣拯救蒙難和被敵人攻打的弟兄們。 16Now when Judas and all the people heard these words, a great assembly met together to consider what they should do for their brethren that were in trouble, and were assaulted by them.
17猶大對哥哥息孟說:「你挑選一部分人,去援救加里肋亞的弟兄;我同弟弟約納堂,往基肋阿得去。」 17And Judas said to Simon his brother: Choose thee men, and go, and deliver thy brethren in Galilee: and I, and my brother Jonathan will go into the country of Galaad.
18留下匝加黎雅的兒子若瑟和阿匝黎雅,管理軍民,派他們與其餘的軍隊守護猶太。 18And he left Joseph the son of Zacharias, and Azarias captains of the people with the remnant of the army in Judea to keep it:
19又吩咐他們說:「你們只管理百姓,不要與異民交戰,直到我回來。」 19And he commanded them, saying: Take ye the charge of this people: but make no war against the heathens, till we return.
20於是撥給息孟三千人,往加里肋亞去,猶大率領八千人,往基肋阿得去。 20Now three thousand men were allotted to Simon, to go into Galilee: and eight thousand to Judas to go into the land of Galaad.
21息孟到了加里肋亞,與異民打了幾仗,異民終不支潰敗; 21And Simon went into Galilee, and fought many battles with the heathens: and the heathens were discomfited before his face, and he pursued them even to the gate of Ptolemais.
22息孟追擊他們直到仆托肋買城門外,異民陣亡的約有三千;他獲得了許多財物。 22And there fell of the heathens almost three thousand men, and he took the spoils of them,
23然後將住在加里肋亞和阿爾巴達的猶太人,同妻子兒女,以及所有的東西帶回猶太,大家都很高興。 23And he took with him those that were in Galilee and in Arbatis with their wives, and children, and all that they had, and he brought them into Judea with great joy.
24猶大瑪加伯和弟弟約納堂,過了約但河,在曠野裏行了三天的路; 24And Judas Machabeus, and Jonathan his brother passed over the Jordan, and went three days' journey through the desert.
25納巴泰人遇着他們,對他們表示歡迎,並將他們的弟兄在基肋阿得地的一切遭遇,報告給他們: 25And the Nabutheans met them, and received them in a peaceable manner, and told them all that happened to their brethren in the land of Galaad,
26「他們中有許多人,怎樣被困在波索辣、波索爾、阿肋瑪、加斯佛、瑪刻得和卡爾納殷,這些城池都很堅固高大。 26And that many of them were shut up in Barasa, and in Bosor, and in Alima, and in Casphor, and in Mageth, and in Carnaim: all these strong and great cities.
27還有被困在基肋阿得其他城中的,敵人決定明天進軍攻打這些堡壘,計劃在一天之內佔領,並消滅其中所有的人。」 27Yea, and that they were kept shut up in the rest of the cities of Galaad, and that they had appointed to bring their army on the morrow near to these cities, and to take them and to destroy them all in one day.
28猶大領着軍隊,突然轉變方向,經過曠野,到了波索辣,佔據了那城,用刀殺盡所有的男丁,奪取了他們的一切財物,然後放火燒了那城。 28Then Judas and his army suddenly turned their march into the desert, to Bosor, and took the city: and he slew every male by the edge of the sword, and took all their spoils, and burnt it with fire.
29從那裏夜間起身,來到達特瑪堡壘前, 29And they removed from thence by night, and went till they came to the fortress.
30黎明時,舉目一望,看見無數軍民,帶着雲梯與器械,攻打堡壘,正向堡壘裏的人攻擊。 30And it came to pass that early in the morning, when they lifted up their eyes, behold there were people without number, carrying ladders and engines to take the fortress, and assault them.
31猶大見戰事已起,殺聲連天,角聲喊聲,混成一片, 31And Judas saw that the fight was begun, and the cry of the battle went up to heaven like a trumpet, and a great cry out of the city:
32便向兵士說:「今天你們要為弟兄而戰。」 32And he said to his host: Fight ye today for your brethren.
33遂從敵後分三隊進軍,同時一起吹角、呼喊、祈禱。 33And he came with three companies behind them, and they sounded their trumpets, and cried out in prayer.
34提摩太的軍隊,一認出是瑪加伯,就望風而逃;瑪加伯追擊他們,予以重創,那一天敵方死的約有八千人。 34And the host of Timotheus understood that it was Machabeus, and they fled away before his face: and they made a great slaughter of them: and there fell of them in that day almost eight thousand men.
35隨後猶大轉往阿肋瑪,攻陷了那城,殺了所有的男丁,得了許多財物,然後放火將城燒了。 35And Judas turned aside to Maspha, and assaulted, and took it, and he slew every male thereof, and took the spoils thereof, and burnt it with fire.
36由此再往前進,將加斯佛、瑪刻得、波索爾和基肋阿得的其餘諸城都佔領了。 36From thence he marched, and took Casbon, and Mageth, and Bosor, and the rest of the cities of Galaad.
37這些事以後,提摩太又集合其他軍隊,在辣豐對面,河的那一邊紮營。 37But after this Timotheus gathered another army, and camped over against Raphon beyond the torrent.
38猶大差人前去偵探敵軍,他們回報說:「我們四周的異民,都與他們聯合,組成一支人數非常眾多的軍隊, 38And Judas sent men to view the army: and they brought him word, saying: All the nations, that are round about us, are assembled unto him an army exceeding great:
39還僱用阿剌伯人來協助,都在河那邊紮營,準備與你作戰。」猶大就前去迎敵。 39And they have hired the Arabians to help them, and they have pitched their tents beyond the torrent, ready to come to fight against thee. And Judas went to meet them.
40當猶大和他的軍隊臨近河旁時,提摩太向他的軍官們說:「若猶大先渡到我們這邊,我們就不能抵抗他,他必能制勝我們; 40And Timotheus said to the captains of his army: When Judas and his army come near the torrent of water, if he pass over unto us first, we shall not be able to withstand him: for he will certainly prevail over us.
41如果他畏懼,安營在河那邊,我們就渡河到他那邊去,我們必能制勝他。」 41But if he be afraid to pass over, and camp on the other side of the river, we will pass over to them and shall prevail against him.
42猶大一近急流水旁,便將民間經師佈置在河旁,命令他們說:「不准任何人留在營裏,都應上陣作戰。」 42Now when Judas came near the torrent of water, he set the scribes of the people by the torrent, and commanded them, saying: Suffer no man to stay behind: but let all come to the battle.
43猶大便先渡河到他們那邊,眾軍人尾隨在後。所有的異民一見,便立即潰散,拋下武器,逃往卡爾納殷廟去了。 43And he passed over to them first, and all the people after him, and all the heathens were discomfited before them, and they threw away their weapons, and fled to the temple that was in Carnaim.
44猶太人又攻陷此城,將廟宇和其中眾人,放火焚毀,卡爾納殷遂被征服,從此不敢再反抗猶大。 44And he took that city, and the temple he burnt with fire, with all things that were therein: and Carnaim was subdued, and could not stand against the face of Judas.
45那時猶大將住在基肋阿得的全體以色列人,將他們及他們妻子兒女,不分老幼,集合起來,結成龐大的一群,帶着他們所有的一切,返回猶太地。 45And Judas gathered together all the Israelites that were in the land of Galaad, from the least even to the greatest, and their wives, and children, and an army exceeding great, to come into the land of Juda.
46當他們臨近厄斐龍時,──這是一座位於要道的大城,非常鞏固,人只可從城中經過,左右不能通行。── 46And they came as far as Ephron: now this was a great city situate in the way, strongly fortified, and there was no means to turn from it on the right hand or on the left, but the way was through the midst of it.
47城裏的人將城門緊閉,且用石頭堵塞起來。 47And they that were in the city, shut themselves in, and stopped up the gates with stones: and Judas sent to them with peaceable words,
48猶大打發人到他們那裏,措辭和氣地地向他們說:「請讓我們從你們的地方經過,到我們的地方去;無人騷擾你們,我們只求步行過去。」但是也們仍不肯給以色列人開門。 48Saying: Let us pass through your land, to go into our country: and no man shall hurt you: we will only pass through on foot. But they would not open to them.
49猶大便傳令軍中:每人駐紮在原處。 49Then Judas commanded proclamation to be made in the camp, that they should make an assault every man in the place where he was.
50士兵於是進攻,攻打了一日一夜,城便陷落在他們手裏, 50And the men of the army drew near, and he assaulted that city all the day, and all the night, and the city was delivered into his hands:
51他們用刀劍殺盡所有男子,將城徹底毀滅,得了許多財物,踏在死屍上,穿過城市。 51And they slew every male with the edge of the sword, and he razed the city, and took the spoils thereof, and passed through all the city over them that were slain.
52渡過約但,到了貝特商對面大平原。 52Then they passed over the Jordan to the great plain that is over against Bethsan.
53猶大將那些遲遲在後的人集合起來,一路鼓勵百姓,直至來到了猶太地。 53And Judas gathered together the hindmost, and he exhorted the people all the way through, till they came into the land of Juda.
54大家興高采烈地上熙雍山,獻了全燔祭;他們中沒有一個喪亡的都平安回來了。 54And they went up to mount Sion with joy and gladness, and offered holocausts, because not one of them was slain, till they had returned in peace.
55當猶大與約納堂在基肋阿得,他的哥哥息孟在加里肋亞攻打仆托肋買的時日, 55Now in the days that Judas and Jonathan were in the land of Galaad, and Simon his brother in Galilee before Ptolemais,
56匝加黎雅的兒子若瑟和阿匝黎雅,這兩個軍長,聽到他們作的大事和武功, 56Joseph the son of Zacharias, and Azarias captain of the soldiers, heard of the good success, and the battles that were fought.
57就說:「我們自己也要成名,去與我們四周的異民作戰。」 57And he said: Let us also get us a name, and let us go fight against the Gentiles that are round about us.
58於是命令所屬部隊,向雅木尼雅進軍, 58And he gave charge to them that were in his army, and they went towards Jamnia.
59哥爾基雅及其屬下,便出城迎擊。 59And Gorgias and his men went out of the city, to give them battle.
60若瑟與阿匝黎雅敗退,被追趕到猶太邊境。那一天,以色列人死亡的約有兩千。 60And Joseph and Azarias were put to flight, and were pursued unto the borders of Judea: and there fell, on that day, of the people of Israel about two thousand men, and there was a great overthrow of the people:
61百姓這次所以遭受慘敗,是因為這二人自信能成英雄,沒有聽從猶大及其他兄弟們的話, 61Because they did not hearken to Judas, and his brethren, thinking that they should do manfully.
62原來他們二人不屬於解救以色列人的後裔。 62But they were not of the seed of those men by whom salvation was brought to Israel.
63至於猶大本人和他的兄弟,大受全以色列及所有聽到他們名聲的異民所讚揚, 63And the men of Juda were magnified exceedingly in the sight of all Israel, and of all the nations where their name was heard.
64人人都聚到他們跟前歡呼。 64And people assembled to them with joyful acclamations.
65猶大同他的兄弟們,又出征住在南方的厄撒烏子民,攻陷了赫貝龍及所屬村鎮,毀壞了城堡,焚燒了城牆四周的碉樓。 65Then Judas and his brethren went forth and attacked the children of Esau, in the land toward the south, and he took Chebron, and her towns: and he burnt the walls thereof and the towers all round it.
66然後拔營前進,經過瑪黎撒,來到培肋舍特人的地域。 66And he removed his camp to go into the land of the aliens, and he went through Samaria.
67那一天一些司祭陣亡了,因為他們也想成英雄,輕率地出征作戰。 67In that day some priests fell in battle, while desiring to do manfully they went out unadvisedly to fight.
68猶大又轉往培肋舍特人的地方阿左托,毀壞了他們的祭壇,焚燒了他們神像,搶掠了各城的財物,然後回了猶太地。 68And Judas turned to Azotus into the land of the strangers, and he threw down their altars, and he burnt the statues of their gods with fire: and he took the spoils of the cities, and returned into the land of Juda.




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