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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1哥爾基雅率領五千步兵,一千精騎,乘夜進軍, 1Then Gorgias took five thousand men, and a thousand of the best horsemen: and they removed out of the camp by night.
2偷襲猶太人營幕,乘虛突擊;堡壘裏的人給他作嚮導。 2That they might come upon the camp of the Jews, and strike them suddenly: and the men that were of the castle were their guides.
3猶大一聽這消息,便與軍隊起程,去突擊駐紮厄瑪烏王軍; 3And Judas heard of it, and rose up, he and the valiant men, to attack the king's forces that were in Emmaus.
4這時王軍還散在營外。 4For as yet the army was dispersed from the camp.
5哥爾基雅夜間來到猶大營裏,不見一人,遂在山中搜尋說:「這些人避開我們逃走了。」 5And Gorgias came by night into the camp of Judas, and found no man, and he sought them in the mountains: for he said: These men flee from us.
6天已亮時,猶大領着三千士兵,出現在平原之上,但沒有佩帶所需要的甲胄和刀劍。 6And when it was day, Judas shewed himself in the plain with three thousand men only, who neither had armour nor swords.
7他們看見異民的軍營防守堅固,又有馬隊巡邏,還都是受過軍訓的士兵。 7And they saw the camp of the Gentiles that it was strong, and the men in breastplates, and the horsemen round about them, and these were trained up to war.
8猶大便對同人說:「你們不必害怕他們人數眾多,也不要畏懼他們的攻擊。 8And Judas said to the men that were with him: Fear ye not their multitude, neither be ye afraid of their assault.
9你們要回憶,當我們的祖先被法郎的軍隊追趕的時候,他們怎樣在紅海裏獲救。 9Remember in what manner our fathers were saved in the Red Sea, when Pharao pursued them with a great army.
10現在我們要呼籲上天,希望他憐憫我們,記憶他與我們祖先立的盟約,今天在我們前粉碎這支軍隊, 10And now let us cry to heaven: and the Lord will have mercy on us, and will remember the covenant of our fathers, and will destroy this army before our face this day:
11使萬民知道,有一位解救以色列的。」 11And all nations shall know that there is one that redeemeth and delivereth Israel.
12外方人舉目一望,見猶太人從對面來了, 12And the strangers lifted up their eyes, and saw them coming against them.
13便出營作戰;猶大的同志們於是吹起號角。 13And they went out of the camp to battle, and they that were with Judas sounded the trumpet.
14雙方交鋒,異民不支潰敗,向平原逃去。 14And they joined battle: and the Gentiles were routed, and fled into the plain.
15落後的敵軍,全喪身刀下。猶太人追擊他們,直到革則爾,直到依杜默雅、阿左托及雅木尼雅平原。敵方陣亡的約三千人。 15But all the hindmost of them fell by the sword, and they pursued them as far as Gezeron, and even to the plains of Idumea, and of Azotus, and of Jamnia: and there fell of them to the number of three thousand men.
16猶大和他的軍隊追趕敵人回來, 16And Judas returned again with his army that followed him,
17對軍隊說:「你們不要貪戀戰利品,因為前面還有戰爭: 17And he said to the people: Be not greedy of the spoils: for there is war before us:
18哥爾基雅和他的軍隊還在山中,離我們不遠。現今要在敵人前堅定不移,與他們作戰,然後纔可安心拾取戰利品。」 18And Gorgias and his army are near us in the mountain: but stand ye now against our enemies, and overthrow them, and you shall take the spoils afterwards with safety.
19猶大還在說話時,發現有一部分敵人從山上窺望, 19And as Judas was speaking these words, behold part of them appeared looking forth from the mountain.
20這些人一見自己的軍隊已敗退,兵營亦被焚燒,又見煙柱四起,即知發生了事故。 20And Gorgias saw that his men were put to flight, and that they had set fire to the camp: for the smoke that was seen declared what was done.
21他們一見如此,非常震驚;又見猶大的軍隊在平原擺好作戰的陣勢, 21And when they had seen this, they were seized with great fear, seeing at the same time Judas and his army in the plain ready to fight.
22於是全都逃往培肋舍特人的地方去了。 22So they all fled away into the land of the strangers.
23猶大回來拾取軍營的戰利品,得了很金銀、紫紅和珍貴的朱紅色衣服,還有大量的財物。 23And Judas returned to take the spoils of the camp, and they got much gold, and silver, and blue silk, and purple of the sea, and great riches.
24他們回來的時候,唱歌讚美上天,「因為他是美善的,他的仁慈永遠常存。」 24And returning home they sung a hymn, and blessed God in heaven, because he is good, because his mercy endureth for ever.
25這一天以色列得了大勝利。 25So Israel had a great deliverance that day.
26逃生的外方人來到里息雅那裏,向他報告一切經過。 26And such of the strangers as escaped, went and told Lysias all that had happened.
27他一聽說這事,張皇失惜,因為在以色列竟發生這事,大出他意料之外,與國王所囑託的大不相同。 27And when he heard these things, he was amazed and discouraged: because things had not succeeded in Israel according to his mind, and as the king had commanded.
28次年,他調集六萬精兵,五千騎兵,來攻打猶太人。 28So the year following Lysias gathered together threescore thousand chosen men, and five thousand horsemen, that he might subdue them.
29大軍來到依杜默雅,在貝特族爾紮了營。猶大帶領一萬人迎戰; 29And they came into Judea, and pitched their tents in Bethoron, and Judas met them with ten thousand men.
30他一見敵軍強大,便祈禱說:「以色列的救主,你是可讚美的!從前你藉着你僕人達味的手,粉碎了巨人強力的襲擊,你曾把外方人的軍營,交在撒烏耳之子約納堂,和他執戟者的手中; 30And they saw that the army was strong, and he prayed, and said: Blessed art thou, O Saviour of Israel, who didst break the violence of the mighty by the hand of thy servant David, and didst deliver up the camp of the strangers into the hands of Jonathan the son of Saul and of his armourbearer.
31請你將這支軍隊,困在你百姓以色列的手中罷!使他們的兵馬都蒙受羞辱。 31Shut up this army in the hands of thy people Israel, and let them be confounded in their host and their horsemen.
32請你使他們恐怖,消散他們逞強的勇氣,使他們因潰敗而顫慄。 32Strike them with fear, and cause the boldness of their strength to languish, and let them quake at their own destruction.
33請你使他們喪身在愛你之人的刀下,使那些認識你名的人,用詩歌來讚頌你。」 33Cast them down with the sword of them that love thee: and let all that know thy name, praise thee with hymns.
34隨後雙方交鋒,里息雅的軍隊,約有五千人為猶太人所殺。 34And they joined battle: and there fell of the army of Lysias five thousand men.
35里息雅見自己的陣容已亂,而猶大的士氣正盛,且已準備作殊死戰;他一見如此便退回安提約基雅,招募客軍,加強陣容,預備再攻猶太地。 35And when Lysias saw that his men were put to flight, and how bold the Jews were, and that they were ready either to live, or to die manfully, he went to Antioch, and chose soldiers, that they might come again into Judea with greater numbers.
36猶大和他的兄弟們說:「看,我們的敵人業已粉碎,我們要上去清潔聖所,再行祝聖禮。」 36Then Judas, and his brethren said: Behold our enemies are discomfited: let us go up now to cleanse the holy places and to repair them.
37於是全體軍隊集合,齊上熙雍山。 37And all the army assembled together, and they went up into mount Sion.
38當他們看見聖所荒蕪,祭壇被玷污,門戶被焚毀,庭院生滿小樹,像在樹林或山上生長的一般,廂房都已倒塌, 38And they saw the sanctuary desolate, and the altar profaned, and the gates burnt, and shrubs growing up in the courts as in a forest, or on the mountains, and the chambers joining to the temple thrown down.
39便撕裂了衣服,大聲哀哭,頭上撒灰, 39And they rent their garments, and made great lamentation, and put ashes on their heads:
40俯首在地;號角一響,他們便向天哀號。 40And they fell face down to the ground on their faces, and they sounded with the trumpets of alarm, and they cried towards heaven.
41那時猶大派人去攻打那些住在堡壘裏的人,直到聖所清潔了為止。 41Then Judas appointed men to fight against them that were in the castle, till they had cleansed the holy places.
42然後又選定了聖潔和熱愛法律的司祭; 42And he chose priests without blemish, whose will was set upon the law of God:
43這些司祭便清潔聖殿,將被玷污的石頭,拋到污穢的地方。 43And they cleansed the holy places, and took away the stones that had been defiled into an unclean place.
44他們商議,該怎樣處理被玷污的全燔祭壇; 44And he considered about the altar of holocausts that had been profaned, what he should do with it.
45終於想出了一個好主意,就是將祭壇毀壞,免得常存着為異民玷污的恥辱。於是就將祭壇拆毀了, 45And a good counsel came into their minds, to pull it down: lest it should be a reproach to them, because the Gentiles had defiled it; so they threw it down.
46將那些石頭安放在聖殿山上一個適當的地方,直到一位先知來到,再另行安排。 46And they laid up the stones in the mountain of the temple in a convenient place, till there should come a prophet, and give answer concerning them.
47他們按法律用整塊石頭,照原先的樣式,另修了一座新祭壇。 47Then they took whole stones according to the law, and built a new altar according to the former:
48將聖所及聖殿內部都修飾好,也祝聖了庭院, 48And they built up the holy places, and the things that were within the temple: and they sanctified the temple, and the courts.
49又製造了新的聖器,將燈台、香壇、供桌,搬進聖殿。 49And they made new holy vessels, and brought in the candlestick, and the altar of incense, and the table into the temple.
50在香壇上獻香,又點着了燈台上的燈,在殿裏放光。 50And they put incense upon the altar, and lighted up the lamps that were upon the candlestick, and they gave light in the temple.
51在供桌上放上餅,將帳幔掛起來;他們應作的一切工作,於是完成。 51And they set the loaves upon the table, and hung up the veils, and finished all the works that they had begun to make.
52一四八年九月,即「基色婁」月,二十五日清晨,他們起來, 52And they arose before the morning on the five and twentieth day of the ninth month (which is the month of Casleu) in the hundred and forty-eighth year.
53按照法律,在新建的全燔祭壇上獻祭。 53And they offered sacrifice according to the law upon the new altar of holocausts which they had made.
54即在異民玷污祭壇的同月同日,於唱歌、彈琴、鼓瑟和鳴鈸中,祝聖了祭壇。 54According to the time, and according to the day wherein the heathens had defiled it, in the same was it dedicated anew with canticles, and harps, and lutes, and cymbals.
55全體百姓都俯首至地,欽崇讚美那使他們成功的上天。 55And all the people fell upon their faces, and adored, and blessed up to heaven, him that had prospered them.
56八日之久,舉行祭壇的祝聖典禮,都歡樂地獻了全燔祭、和平祭及感恩祭。 56And they kept the dedication of the altar eight days, and they offered holocausts with joy, and sacrifices of salvation, and of praise.
57他們又用金冠銅牌,裝飾聖殿正面,又重修大門和廂房,安上門戶。 57And they adorned the front of the temple with crowns of gold, and escutcheons, and they renewed the gates, and the chambers, and hanged doors upon them.
58民眾皆大喜歡,因為異民所加於他們的恥辱,現在全除去了。 58And there was exceeding great joy among the people, and the reproach of the Gentiles was turned away.
59猶大和他的兄弟們,以及以色列全會眾,規定年年在這節期,慶祝重新祝聖祭壇節,即由「基色婁」月二十五日起,一連八天歡樂慶祝, 59And Judas, and his brethren, and all the church of Israel decreed, that the day of the dedication of the altar should be kept in its season from year to year for eight days, from the five and twentieth day of the month of Casleu, with joy and gladness.
60那時他們也重修熙雍山,在周圍建起高牆和鞏固的碉樓,免得異民再來,像從前一樣蹂躪。 60They built up also at that time mount Sion, with high walls, and strong towers round about, lest the Gentiles should at any time come, and tread it down as they did before.
61猶大又派軍隊在那裏護守;並在貝特族爾設防,使人民對依杜默雅有所保障。 61And he placed a garrison there to keep it, and he fortified it to secure Bethsura, that the people might have a defence against Idumea.




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