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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1若望由革則爾上來,將耕德巴所作的事,報告給父親息孟; 1Then John came up from Gazara, and told Simon his father what Cendebeus had done against their people.
2息孟就叫來自己的兩個大兒子猶大和若望,向他們說:「我與我的兄弟和我父的全家,從幼年一直到今天,攻打了以色列的仇人,事在我們手裏很順利,因此我們屢次拯救了以色列。 2And Simon called his two eldest sons, Judas and John, and said to them: I and my brethren, and my father's house, have fought against the enemies of Israel from our youth even to this day: and things have prospered so well in our hands that we have delivered Israel oftentimes.
3現在我老了,因上天的仁慈,你們正在壯年,你們要代替我和我的兄弟,出去為我們的民族作戰,願上天的助佑常與你們同在。」 3And now I am old, but be you instead of me, and my brethren, and go out, and fight for our nation: and the help from heaven be with you.
4息孟從國中選出兩萬步兵和騎兵,便向耕德巴進軍,當晚在摩丁過宿。 4Then he chose out of the country twenty thousand fighting men, and horsemen, and they went forth against Cendebeus: and they rested in Modin.
5清早起來,進軍平原時,看,有一大隊步兵和騎兵與他們相遇,雙方之間,只隔着一條小河。 5And they arose in the morning, and went into the plain: and behold a very great army of footmen and horsemen came against them, and there was a running river between them.
6若望與部隊遂面對敵人紮營。他見部隊不敢過河,就自己先過去,眾人見他如此,也就隨着他過去。 6And he and his people pitched their camp over against them, and he saw that the people were afraid to go over the river, so he went over first: then the men seeing him, passed over after him.
7他把部隊分開,將騎兵分佈在步兵中間,因為敵人的騎兵非常多。 7And he divided the people, and set the horsemen in the midst of the footmen: but the horsemen of the enemies were very numerous.
8號角一響,一起進攻,耕德巴和他的軍隊敗退,傷亡甚眾,剩下的便逃到堡壘裏。 8And they sounded the holy trumpets: and Cendebeus and his army were put to flight: and there fell many of them wounded, and the rest fled into the strong hold.
9那時,若望因哥哥猶大受了傷,就去追趕他們,一直追到耕德巴修建的克德龍。 9At that time Judas John's brother was wounded: but John pursued after them, till he came to Cedron, which he had built:
10還有些敵人逃到阿左托田野間的碉樓裏去,若望放火將它燒了,敵軍大約死了兩千人,然後若望平安回到猶太。 10And they fled even to the towers that were in the fields of Azotus, and he burnt them with fire. And there fell of them two thousand men, and he returned into Judea in peace.
11阿步波的兒子仆托肋米,受任為耶里哥平原的總督,他金銀很多, 11Now Ptolemee the son of Abobus was appointed captain in the plain of Jericho, and he had abundance of silver and gold,
12因為他是大司祭的女婿。 12For he was son in law of the high priest.
13這人心高氣傲,想作全國之主,企圖用詭計陷害息孟和他的兒子們,將他們除掉。 13And his heart was lifted up, and he designed to make himself master of the country, and he purposed treachery against Simon, and his sons, to destroy them.
14那時,息孟正在出巡全面各城,料理各城的事務;一百七十七年十一月,即「舍巴特」月,息孟與他的兒子瑪塔提雅和猶大下去,到了耶里哥。 14Now Simon, as he was going through the cities that were in the country of Judea, and taking care for the good ordering of them, went down to Jericho, he and Mathathias and Judas his sons, in the year one hundred and seventy-seven, the eleventh month: the same is the month Sabath.
15阿步波的兒子,便用詭計將他們接到自己建造而名叫多克的小堡壘裏,給他們大擺盛筵,並在那裏埋伏下一些人。 15And the son of Abobus received them deceitfully into a little fortress, that is called Doch which he had built: and he made them a great feast, and hid men there.
16當息孟和他的兒子們都喝醉時,仆托肋米同部下起來,拿着武器,進了餐廳,衝向息孟,就將他與他的兩個兒子,以及他的幾個侍從都殺了。 16And when Simon and his sons had drunk plentifully, Ptolemee and his men rose up and took their weapons, and entered into the banqueting place, and slew him, and his two sons, and some of his servants.
17他作這嚴重背信負義的事,實在是以惡報善。 17And he committed a great treachery in Israel, and rendered evil for good.
18於是,仆托肋米寫信將這事呈報給國王,以便給他派兵前來助戰,好將他們的國土和城邑,交給國王。 18And Ptolemee wrote these things and sent to the king that he should send him an army to aid him, and he would deliver him the country, and their cities, and tributes.
19他另派人到革則爾去殺害若望;又給千夫長去信,叫他們來歸順自己,也送給他們金銀和禮物。 19And he sent others to Gazara to kill John: and to the tribunes he sent letters to come to him, and that he would give them silver, and gold, and gifts.
20又派人去佔領耶路撒冷和聖殿山。 20And he sent others to take Jerusalem, and the mountain of the temple.
21但是,早己有人先到了革則爾,把他父親和兄弟被殺的消息,報告給若望,而且還說:「他還派人來殺害你。」 21Now one running before, told John in Gazara, that his father and his brethren were slain, and that he hath sent men to kill thee also.
22若望聽後大驚,便捉住來殺害他的人,將他們殺了,因為他已經知道他們圖謀殺害他。 22But when he heard it he was exceedingly afraid: and he apprehended the men that came to kill him, and he put them to death: for he knew that they sought to make him away.
23若望其餘的言行、戰功,所行的英勇事蹟,修築的城垣,以及他的所作所為, 23And as concerning the rest of the acts of John, and his wars, and the worthy deeds, which he bravely achieved, and the building of the walls, which he made, and the things that he did:
24都記載在他承繼他父親為大司祭後,任大司祭的年鑑上。 24Behold these are written in the book of the days of his priesthood, from the time he was made high priest after his father.




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