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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1埃及王聚集了多如海沙的大軍,和許多船隻,圖謀用詭計奪取亞歷山大的國土,歸屬自己的版圖; 1And the king of Egypt gathered together an army, like the sand that lieth upon the sea shore, and many ships: and he sought to get the kingdom of Alexander by deceit, and join it to his own kingdom.
2他便一路揚言和平,往敘利亞進發,各城的居民都給他們開門,迎接他,因為亞歷山大曾下令,要人歡迎他,因為他是自己的岳父。 2And he went out into Syria with peaceable words, and they opened to him the cities, and met him: for king Alexander had ordered them to go forth to meet him, because he was his father in law.
3但是,每當仆托肋米進入一城,就在那城內派上自己的軍隊防守; 3Now when Ptolemee entered into the cities, he put garrisons of soldiers in every city.
4及至來近阿左托時,人便將焚毀了的達貢廟、阿左托和其周圍的廢墟,以及橫躺豎臥的屍體,和戰時被焚燒的遺骸,堆積在他要經過的路旁,指給他看; 4And when he came near to Azotus, they shewed him the temple of Dagon that was burnt with fire, and Azotus, and the suburbs thereof that were destroyed, and the bodies that were cast abroad, and the graves of them that were slain in the battle, which they had made near the way.
5並將約納堂行的事,陳述給王,意思是要王懲罰他,王卻默然不語。 5And they told the king that Jonathan had done these things, to make him odious: but the king held his peace.
6那時,約納堂又堂堂正正地來到了約培,與王會面;彼此請安,還一起在那裏過宿。 6And Jonathan came to meet the king at Joppe with glory, and they saluted one another, and they lodged there.
7約納堂陪伴君王,來到稱為厄婁特洛的河那裏,纔返回耶路撒冷。 7And Jonathan went with the king as far as the river, called Eleutherus: and he returned into Jerusalem.
8仆托肋米王既佔領了沿海各城,直到臨海的色婁基雅,就對亞歷山大起了惡意, 8And king Ptolemee got the dominion of the cities by the sea side, even to Seleucia, and he devised evil designs against Alexander.
9於是派遣使者見德默特琉王說:「請你來,我們彼此結為同盟,我要將嫁與亞歷山大的女兒給你為妻,你在你的祖國將要為王。 9And he sent ambassadors to Demetrius, saying: Come, let us make a league between us, and I will give thee my daughter whom Alexander hath, and thou shalt reign in the kingdom of thy father.
10我後悔把我的女兒嫁給了他,因為他竟然謀害我。」 10For I repent that I have given him my daughter: for he hath sought to kill me.
11他誣枉亞歷山大,是因為他垂涎他的國土。 11And he slandered him, because he coveted his kingdom.
12於是將自己的女兒搶去,嫁給德默特琉,而與亞歷山大絕交;他們之間的仇恨就此公開了。 12And he took away his daughter, and gave her to Demetrius, and alienated himself from Alexander, and his enmities were made manifest.
13仆托肋米進了安提約基雅,就戴上了亞細亞的王冠:這樣在他的頭上戴着埃及和亞細亞的兩頂王冠。 13And Ptolemee entered into Antioch, and set two crowns upon his head, that of Egypt, and that of Asia.
14那時,亞歷山大王正在基里基雅,因為那地方的人民發生了變亂。 14Now king Alexander was in Cilicia at that time: because they that were in those places had rebelled.
15但亞歷山大一聽說這事,就來與他交戰;仆托肋米王也率領大軍來猛攻亞歷山大,將他擊敗。 15And when Alexander heard of it, he came to give him battle, and king Ptolemee brought forth his army, and met him with a strong power, and put him to flight.
16亞歷山大便逃到阿剌伯在那裏避難,仆托肋米王於是勝利了。 16And Alexander fled into Arabia, there to be protected: and king Ptolemee was exalted.
17阿剌伯人匝貝狄耳便砍了亞歷山大的頭,送給了仆托肋米。 17And Zabdiel the Arabian took off Alexander's head, and sent it to Ptolemee.
18三天後,仆托肋米王也死了,他留在堡壘裏的埃及人,也被堡壘裏的本地人殺死。 18And king Ptolemee died the third day after: and they that were in the strong holds were destroyed by them that were within the camp.
19德默特琉遂登上王位,時在一百六十七年。 19And Demetrius reigned in the hundred and sixty-seventh year.
20那時,約納堂召集猶太人,攻打耶路撒冷的堡壘;為攻打堡壘,製造了許多軍械。 20In those days Jonathan gathered together them that were in Judea, to take the castle that was in Jerusalem: and they made many engines of war against it.
21有些懷恨自己百姓的歹徒,竟來到王前,將約納堂圍攻堡壘的事,向他報告了。 21Then some wicked men that hated their own nation, went away to king Demetrius, and told him that Jonathan was besieging the castle.
22王聽了大怒,就立刻動身,到了仆托肋買,給約納堂寫信,要他停止圍攻,且叫他趕快來仆托肋買,與他會面商談。 22And when he heard it, he was angry: and forthwith he came to Ptolemais, and wrote to Jonathan, that he should not besiege the castle, but should come to him in haste, and speak to him.
23約納堂聽說後,仍下令繼續圍攻,選了以色列中的幾位長老和司祭,與他同去冒險, 23But when Jonathan heard this, he bade them besiege it still: and he chose some of the ancients of Israel, and of the priests, and put himself in danger.
24且帶着金銀、衣服和許多別的禮品,前往仆托肋買,來會見君王,甚得君王的歡心。 24And he took gold, and silver, and raiment, and many other presents, and went to the king to Ptolemais, and he found favour in his sight.
25這時,百姓中有幾個歹徒,仍來控告他; 25And certain wicked men of his nation made complaints against him.
26但是王對待他,仍如前王對待他一樣,在自己的眾位朋友前讚揚他; 26And the king treated him as his predecessor had done before: and he exalted him in the sight of all his friends.
27並且保證他仍作大司祭,仍享有從前所有的各種特殊榮譽,還將他列入王的一等朋友之中。 27And he confirmed him in the high priesthood, and all the honours he had before, and he made him the chief of his friends.
28約納堂便要求王豁免猶太及撒瑪黎雅三區的賦稅,而許給王三百『塔冷通』。 28And Jonathan requested of the king that he would make Judea free from tribute, and the three governments, and Samaria, and the confines thereof: and he promised him three hundred talents.
29王應允了,並且關於這一切事,還給約納堂寫了以下的信說: 29And the king consented: and he wrote letters to Jonathan of all these things to this effect.
30「德默特琉王祝約納堂兄和猶太民族安好! 30King Demetrius to his brother Jonathan, and to the nation of the Jews, greeting.
31關於你們的事,我們已給我們的親貴拉斯特乃去了信,如今我們將原文錄下,送給你們,使你們知道它的內容: 31We send you here a copy of the letter, which we have written to Lasthenes our parent concerning you, that you might know it.
32『德默特琉王祝亞父拉斯特乃安好! 32King Demetrius to Lasthenes his parent, greeting.
33我們決意要善待猶太民族,因為他們是我們的朋友,對我們保持了正義,且懷有善意。 33We have determined to do good to the nation of the Jews who are our friends, and keep the things that are just with us, for their good will which they bear towards us.
34因此,我們也將猶太地,及由撒瑪黎雅劃歸猶太的阿斐賴瑪、里達和辣瑪塔因三區,以及一切屬鎮,歸於他們。凡到耶路撒冷獻祭的人,他們從前每年應向王繳納地產和樹上的果實等稅,現在我一律豁免。 34We have ratified therefore unto them all the borders of Judea, and the three cities, Apherema, Lydda, and Ramatha, which are added to Judea, out of Samaria, and all their confines, to be set apart to all them that sacrifice in Jerusalem, instead of the payments which the king received of them every year, and for the fruits of the land, and of the trees.
35其他凡歸於我們的什一之物、經常稅、鹽井稅,以及應歸於我們的王冠金等,從今日起,一概豁免。 35And as for other things that belonged to us of the tithes, and of the tributes, from this time we discharge them of them: the saltpans also, and the crowns that were presented to us.
36凡此種種,由今日起,直到無限期,一概不得廢除。』 36We give all to them, and nothing hereof shall be revoked from this time forth and for ever.
37所以,現在請你們費心,再將這張公文謄抄一份,送給約納堂,叫他放在聖山的顯明處。」 37Now therefore see that thou make a copy of these things, and let it be given to Jonathan, and set upon the holy mountain, in a conspicuous place.
38此後,德默特琉王見自己治理的國泰民安,無人造反,便將所有的軍隊遣散,各回本鄉,祇有由異民海島招募來的外方軍隊例外,因而他父親的舊部隊都惱恨他。 38And king Demetrius seeing that the land was quiet before him, and nothing resisted him, sent away all his forces, every man to his own place, except the foreign army, which he had drawn together from the islands of the nations: so all the troops of his fathers hated him.
39那時,原先曾作亞歷山大同黨的特黎豐,見眾軍隊抱怨德默特琉,遂去見教養亞歷山大幼子安提約古的阿剌伯人依瑪谷。 39Now there was one Tryphon who had been of Alexander's party before: who seeing that all the army murmured against Demetrius, went to Emalchuel the Arabian, who brought up Antiochus the son of Alexander.
40他催逼他將孩子交給自己,使他繼承他父親的王位;也將德默特琉的一切作為,以及眾軍隊憤恨他的事,都給依瑪谷述說了。以後他在那裏也住了多日。 40And he pressed him much to deliver him to him, that he might be king in his father's place: and he told him all that Demetrius had done, and how his soldiers hated him. And he remained there many days.
41那時,約納堂遣人到德默特琉王前,要求他將耶路撒冷堡壘裏及各營寨裏的人撤回,因為他們常攻擊以色列人。 41And Jonathan sent to king Demetrius, desiring that he would cast out them that were in the castle in Jerusalem, and those that were in the strong holds: because they fought against Israel.
42德默特琉遂差遣人到約納堂那裏去說:「我不但對你和你的民族要作這些事,幾時我有好機會,我還要極力光榮你和你的民族。 42And Demetrius sent to Jonathan, saying: I will not only do this for thee, and for thy people, but I will greatly honour thee, and thy nation, when opportunity shall serve.
43現在更好請你派遣一些人,來幫助我出征,因為我的一切軍隊都已離去。」 43Now therefore thou shalt do well if thou send me men to help me: for all my army is gone from me.
44約納堂便給他往安提約基雅調去三千勇兵;他們來到王前,王因他們的來臨感到喜樂。 44And Jonathan sent him three thousand valiant men to Antioch: and they came to the king, and the king was very glad of their coming.
45那時,約有十二萬市民,在城中心集合,想要殺害國王, 45And they that were of the city assembled themselves together, to the number of a hundred and twenty thousand men, and would have killed the king.
46國王便躲到宮殿裏去。市民一佔據城中要道,即開始進攻。 46And the king fled into the palace, and they of the city kept the passages of the city, and began to fight.
47國王遂求猶太人幫忙,他們便一起聚集到他跟前,然後分散到城裏,在那一天殺了約十萬人, 47And the king called the Jews to his assistance: and they came to him all at once, and they all dispersed themselves through the city.
48也把城燒了,同時獲得了許多戰利品,且營救了國王。 48And they slew in that day a hundred thousand men, and they set fire to the city, and got many spoils that day, and delivered the king.
49城裏的人見猶太人佔據了城池,任意行事,都膽戰心驚,遂呼求國王說: 49And they that were of the city saw that the Jews had got the city as they would: and they were discouraged in their minds, and cried to the king, making supplication, and saying:
50「請向我們伸出右手,叫猶太人停止攻擊我們和城池!」 50Grant us peace, and let the Jews cease from assaulting us, and the city.
51他們遂放下武器講和。這樣,猶太人在國王及其國民前受到光榮,然後帶着許多戰利品,回了耶路撒冷。 51And they threw down their arms, and made peace, and the Jews were glorified in the sight of the king, and in the sight of all that were in his realm, and were renowned throughout the kingdom, and returned to Jerusalem with many spoils.
52德默特琉王於是又坐上王位,國家在他統治下又安定了。 52So king Demetrius sat in the throne of his kingdom: and the land was quiet before him.
53但是他竟背棄了他所應許的一切,對約納堂也疏遠了,不但沒有按照約納堂對他所施的恩惠還報,反而處處為難。 53And he falsified all whatsoever he had said, and alienated himself from Jonathan, and did not reward him according to the benefits he had received from him, but gave him great trouble.
54此後,特黎豐便領着幼兒安提約古回來;安提約古於是稱王,戴上王冠。 54And after this Tryphon returned, and with him Antiochus the young boy, who was made king, and put on the diadem.
55此時德默特琉所遣散的軍隊,都聚集起來,攻擊德默特琉,德默特琉只得轉身逃走。 55And there assembled unto him all the hands which Demetrius had sent away, and they fought against Demetrius, who turned his back and fled.
56特黎豐因而獲得了象隊,佔據了安提約基雅。 56And Tryphon took the elephants, and made himself master of Antioch.
57那時,小安提約古給約納堂寫信說:「我立你為大司祭,派你管轄四區,將你列入國王朋友中。」 57And young Antiochus wrote to Jonathan, saying: I confirm thee in the high priesthood, and I appoint thee ruler over the four cities, and to be one of the king's friends.
58他給他送上金器和一套餐具,准他以金杯飲酒,紫袍,帶金釦; 58And he sent him vessels of gold for his service, and he gave him leave to drink in gold, and to be clothed in purple, and to wear a golden buckle:
59又任命他哥哥息孟為總督,由提洛梯山直到埃及邊境,都由他管轄。 59And he made his brother Simon governor from the borders of Tyre even to the confines of Egypt.
60那時,約納堂出巡大河以西的各城各地,敘利亞的軍隊都聚集到他跟前,助他作戰;他來到阿市刻隆時,城裏的居民都熱烈地歡迎他。 60Then Jonathan went forth and passed through the cities beyond the river: and all the forces of Syria gathered themselves to him to help him, and he came to Ascalon, and they met him honourably out of the city.
61他又由此往迦薩去,迦薩的居民卻關閉城門;他就圍攻那城,放火燒了郊區,洗劫一空。 61And he went from thence to Gaza: and they that were in Gaza shut him out: and he besieged it, and burnt all the suburbs round about, and took the spoils.
62迦薩的居民遂求約納堂,約納堂就同他們講和,只是將他們首領的孩子帶去,送到耶路撒冷作質。他走遍全境,直到大馬士革。 62And the men of Gaza made supplication to Jonathan, and he gave them the right hand: and he took their sons for hostages, and sent them to Jerusalem: and he went through the country as far as Damascus.
63那時,約納堂聽說,德默特琉的將領們,帶着大軍,來到加里肋亞的卡德士,迫他放棄自己的職務; 63And Jonathan heard that the generals of Demetrius were come treacherously to Cades, which is in Galilee, with a great army, purposing to remove him from the affairs of the kingdom:
64他就將自己的哥哥息孟留在那裏,自己迎敵去了。 64And he went against them: but left his brother Simon in the country.
65息孟在貝特族爾對面紮營,攻打了多日,將那地封鎖。 65And Simon encamped against Bethsura, and assaulted it many days, and shut them up.
66貝特族爾人向他求和,息孟便同他們講和,將他們從那裏趕走,佔據了那城,並在城裏駐紮了軍隊。 66And they desired him to make peace, and he granted it them: and he cast them out from thence, and took the city, and placed a garrison in it.
67同時約納堂和他的軍隊,在革乃撒爾湖畔紮營,第二天清早,抵達哈祚爾平原。 67And Jonathan, and his army encamped by the water of Genesar, and before it was light they were ready in the plain of Asor.
68有一支外方人的軍隊到平原與他交戰。且在山上設下埋伏。當這支軍隊向猶太人衝來時, 68And behold the army of the strangers met him in the plain, and they laid an ambush for him in the mountains: but he went out against them.
69埋伏的人忽然從埋伏的地方出來,與他們交戰。 69And they that lay in ambush arose out of their places, and joined battle.
70約納堂的部下都逃散了,除軍長阿貝沙隆的兒子瑪塔提雅,和哈耳非的兒子猶大外,沒有剩下一個。 70And all that were on Jonathan's side fled, and none was left of them, but Mathathias the son of Absalom, and Judas the son of Calphi, chief captain of the army.
71約納堂便撕破衣服,頭上撒土,且行祈禱。 71And Jonathan rent his garments, and cast earth upon his head, and prayed.
72然後轉過身來,向敵人進攻,使他們潰敗而逃。 72And Jonathan turned again to them to battle, and he put them to flight, and they fought.
73他逃散的部下一見,就又回到他跟前,同他一起將敵人追趕到卡德士敵營,遂在那裏安了營。 73And they of his part that fled saw this, and they turned again to him, and they all with him pursued the enemies even to Cades to their own camp, and they came even thither.
74那天外方軍隊死亡的,約有三千人。約納堂以後回了耶路撒冷。 74And there fell of the aliens in that day three thousand men: and Jonathan returned to Jerusalem.




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