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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1一百六十年,安提約古兒子亞歷山大厄丕法乃上去,佔領了仆托肋買,人民歡迎他在那裏為王。 1Now in the hundred and sixtieth year Alexander the son of Antiochus, surnamed the Illustrious, came up and took Ptolemais, and they received him, and he reigned there.
2德默特琉王聽說這事,就集合大軍,去與他交戰。 2And king Demetrius heard of it, and gathered together an exceeding great army, and went forth against him to fight.
3同時,德默特琉致書約納堂,言辭溫和,且提高他的權位, 3And Demetrius sent a letter to Jonathan with peaceable words, to magnify him.
4因為德默特琉說:「我們要趕快與他締結和好,免得他先與亞歷山大聯合,反抗我們, 4For he said: Let us first make a peace with him, before he make one with Alexander against us.
5又恐怕他還記念我們對他的兄弟及他的百姓所行的惡事。」 5For he will remember all the evils that we have done against him, and against his brother, and against his nation.
6於是,便將調集軍隊及準備軍械的權柄交給約納堂,將他看作自己的同盟,又下令將堡壘裏的人質,交還給他, 6And he gave him authority to gather together an army, and to make arms, and that he should be his confederate: and the hostages that were in the castle, he commanded to be delivered to him.
7約納堂來到耶路撒冷,當着百姓及住在堡壘裏的人面前,宣讀了這封書信。 7And Jonathan came to Jerusalem, and read the letters in the hearing of all the people, and of them that were in the castle.
8堡壘裏的人一聽王給了他調集軍隊的權柄,都很害怕。 8And they were struck with great fear, because they heard that the king had given him authority to gather together an army.
9他們便將人質交還給約納堂,約納堂再轉交給各人的父母。 9And the hostages were delivered to Jonathan, and he restored them to their parents.
10以後約納堂住在耶路撒冷,開始重修京城,使恢復舊觀。 10And Jonathan dwelt in Jerusalem, and began to build, and to repair the city.
11他命令工人,用方石修築垣牆和熙雍山的四周,以作防禦;他們就這樣作了。 11And he ordered workmen to build the walls, and mount Sion round about with square stones for fortification: and so they did.
12住在巴基德所修建的堡壘裏的外方人,都已逃走, 12And the strangers that were in the strong holds, which Bacchides had built, fled away.
13各人都離開崗位,回到本國, 13And every man left his place, and departed into his own country:
14只在貝特族爾,還留下幾個背棄法律,不守誡命的人,因為那裏是避難藏身的地方。 14Only in Bethsura there remained some of them, that had forsaken the law, and the commandments of God: for this was a place of refuge for them.
15那時,亞歷山大王聽到德默特琉允許給的約納堂的事,同時還有人將約納堂及他弟兄們的作戰,英勇事跡和遭遇的打擊等,給他述說了, 15And king Alexander heard of the promises that Demetrius had made Jonathan: and they told him of the battles, and the worthy acts that he, and his brethren had done, and the labours that they had endured.
16就說:「難道我們還能找到這樣的一個人嗎?我們要使他作為我們的朋友,作我們的同盟!」 16And he said: Shall we find such another man? now therefore we will make him our friend and our confederate.
17遂寫信給約納堂,信上說: 17So he wrote a letter, and sent it to him according to these words, saying:
18「亞歷山大王祝約納堂兄安好! 18King Alexander to his brother Jonathan, greeting.
19聽說你是英勇有為之士,適合作我們的朋友。 19We have heard of thee, that thou art a man of great power, and fit to be our friend:
20現今我委任你作你百姓的大司祭,並稱你是是君王的朋友,──同時給他送來紫袍和金冠──願你關心我們的事,與我們保持友誼。」 20Now therefore we make thee this day high priest of thy nation, and that thou be called the king's friend, (and he sent him a purple robe, and a crown of gold,) and that thou be of one mind with us in our affairs, and keep friendship with us.
21一百六十年七月帳棚節日,約納堂乃穿上聖服,調集軍隊,並準備了大批武器。 21Then Jonathan put on the holy vestment in the seventh month, in the year one hundred and threescore, at the feast day of the tabernacles: and he gathered together an army, and made a great number of arms.
22德默特琉一聽說了這事,便憂悶地說: 22And Demetrius heard these words, and was exceeding sorry, and said:
23「我們怎麼竟讓亞歷山大在我們之先與猶太人結為友好,作為後盾? 23What is this that we have done, that Alexander hath prevented us to gain the friendship of the Jews to strengthen himself?
24我也要用委婉的言辭,許以地位和禮品,給他們寫信,誘導他們也作我的助手。」 24I also will write to them words of request, and offer dignities, and gifts: that they may be with me to aid me.
25於是給猶太人寫了以下的信說:「德默特琉王祝猶太民族安好! 25And he wrote to them in these words: King Demetrius to the nation of the Jews, greeting.
26由於你們持守以前與我們訂立的條約,保持了我們之間的友誼,沒有與我們的仇敵聯合,我們聽了很高興。 26Whereas you have kept covenant with us, and have continued in our friendship, and have not joined with our enemies, we have heard of it, and are glad.
27現在,若你們繼續忠於我們,你們為我們作的一切,我們必破格還報: 27Wherefore now continue still to keep fidelity towards us, and we will reward you with good things, for what you have done in our behalf.
28給你們種種豁免,贈與你們各種禮品。 28And we will remit to you many charges, and will give you gifts.
29現在豁免你們全猶太人丁稅、鹽稅和王冠金。 29And now I free you, and all the Jews from tributes, and I release you from the customs of salt, and remit the crowns, and the thirds of the seed:
30由猶太本地,及劃歸猶太的撒瑪黎雅和加里肋亞的三個地區,我所得出產的三分之一和樹上果實的一半,今日都一概豁免,由今日起直到永遠。 30And the half of the fruit of trees, which is my share, I leave to you from this day forward, so that it shall not be taken of the land of Juda, and of the three cities that are added thereto out of Samaria and Galilee, from this day forth and for ever:
31耶路撒冷應是聖的,所以這城及其四郊,免交什一之物和賦稅。 31And let Jerusalem be holy and free, with the borders thereof: and let the tenths, and tributes be for itself.
32對於耶路撒冷堡壘的權利,我也放棄,讓與大司祭,他可任意委任自己揀選的人,駐在那裏護守。 32I yield up also the power of the castle that is in Jerusalem, and I give it to the high priest, to place therein such men as he shall choose to keep it.
33凡從猶太地擄至我國的猶太人,我都恢復他們的自由,毫無代價,而且還豁免他們的賦稅和牲畜稅。 33And every soul of the Jews that hath been carried captive from the land of Juda in all my kingdom, I set at liberty freely, that all be discharged from tributes even of their cattle.
34凡一切的節日、安息日、朔日、指定的慶日,以及各慶節前後三日,為住在我國內的一切猶太人,都成為享有特權與免役的日子: 34And I will that all the feasts, and the sabbaths, and the new moons, and the days appointed, and three days before the solemn day, and three days after the solemn day, be all days of immunity and freedom, for all the Jews that are in my kingdom:
35為一切事件,誰也無權干涉及騷擾他們中任何一人。 35And no man shall have power to do any thing against them, or to molest any of them, in any cause.
36可招募三萬猶太人加入王家軍隊,所給軍餉,與一切王家軍隊同。 36And let there be enrolled in the king's army to the number of thirty thousand of the Jews: and allowance shall be made them as is due to all the king's forces, and certain of them shall be appointed to be in the fortresses of the great king:
37從這些人中,抽調一部分,分駐在國王的主要堡壘裏;再由這些人中,選拔一部份,出任國家信託的職位;還可將自己的人派作他們的官員和將領,按照自己的法律行事,正如王從前在猶太地命令過一樣。 37And some of them shall be set over the affairs of the kingdom, that are of trust, and let the governors be taken from among themselves, and let them walk in their own laws, as the king hath commanded in the land of Juda.
38由撒瑪黎雅境內,劃歸猶太的三區,應與猶太合併為一,全受一人統治,除大司祭外,不應聽從別人。 38And the three cities that are added to Judea, out of the country of Samaria, let them be accounted with Judea: that they may be under one, and obey no other authority but that of the high priest:
39我將仆托肋買及其所屬,贈予耶路撒冷的聖所,其收入作為聖所需要的經費。 39Ptolemais, and the confines thereof, I give as a free gift to the holy places, that are in Jerusalem, for the necessary charges of the holy things.
40我每年由豐富之地納入王庫的銀錢,撥出一萬五千『協刻耳』。 40And I give every year fifteen thousand sicles of silver out of the king's accounts, of what belongs to me:
41凡前幾年,官員們所沒有繳納的銀錢,從現在起,他們都得交還,以作聖殿的經費。 41And all that is above, which they that were over the affairs the years before, had not paid, from this time they shall give it to the works of the house.
42此外,每年由聖所的收入內,徵收的五千銀錢也一概豁免,因為這筆錢,應歸那些盡聖職的司祭所有。 42Moreover the five thousand sicles of silver which they received from the account of the holy places, every year, shall also belong to the priests that execute the ministry.
43凡到耶路撒冷聖殿,或殿院內逃避國債與私債的,都一律赦免;至於他在我國內的一切所有,仍歸他所有。 43And whosoever shall flee into the temple that is in Jerusalem, and in all the borders thereof, being indebted to the king for any matter, let them be set at liberty, and all that they have in my kingdom, let them have it free.
44為建築及修理聖所的工程,花費也由王庫支付。 44For the building also, or repairing the works of the holy places, the charges shall be given out of the king's revenues:
45凡為修築耶路撒冷的城牆,及其四周的堡壘,以及猶太各地的城牆,所用的經費,都由王庫支付。」 45For the building also of the walls of Jerusalem, and the fortifying thereof round about, the charges shall be given out of the king's account, as also for the building of the walls in Judea.
46約納堂與百姓聽了這些話,既不相信,也不接受,因為都還記得:他加給以色列的一切災難,及怎樣虐待了他們。 46Now when Jonathan, and the people heard these words, they gave no credit to them nor received them: because they remembered the great evil that he had done in Israel, for he had afflicted them exceedingly.
47何況亞歷山大首先與他們和談,於是他們擁護他,與他永結同盟。 47And their inclinations were towards Alexander, because he had been the chief promoter of peace in their regard, and him they always helped.
48那時,亞歷山大王集合大軍,出發攻打德默特琉。 48And king Alexander gathered together a great army, and moved his camp near to Demetrius.
49兩王互相交鋒,亞歷山大的軍隊敗退,德默特琉追趕,大獲勝利。 49And the two kings joined battle, and the army of Demetrius fled away, and Alexander pursued after him, and pressed them close.
50但亞歷山大仍繼續苦戰,直到日落,德默特琉竟在這天陣亡。 50And the battle was hard fought till the sun went down: and Demetrius was slain that day.
51亞歷山大於是派遣使者,到埃及王仆托肋米前,這樣說: 51And Alexander sent ambassadors to Ptolemee king of Egypt, with words to this effect, saying:
52「自從我回到祖國,便坐上了我祖先的寶座,我戰勝德默特琉,得掌握主權,且佔據我們的土地。── 52Forasmuch as I am returned into my kingdom, and am set in the throne of my ancestors and have gotten the dominion, and have overthrown Demetrius, and possessed our country,
53原來我與他宣戰,打敗他和他的軍隊,就坐上他的王位;── 53And have joined battle with him, and both he and his army have been destroyed by us, and we are placed in the throne of his kingdom:
54現在,讓我們彼此結好,請將女兒嫁給我為妻,我做你的女婿,且將相稱於你的禮物,送給你和她。」 54Now therefore let us make friendship one with another: and give me now thy daughter to wife, and I will be thy son in law, and I will give both thee and her gifts worthy of thee.
55仆托肋米王回答說:「你回歸祖國,登上你祖先王位的那一天,真是個好日子! 55And king Ptolemee answered, saying: Happy is the day wherein thou didst return to the land of thy fathers, and sattest in the throne of their kingdom.
56如今我要按你所寫的實行,可是請你親到仆托肋買,我們好彼此會面,我要按你說的,使你作我的女婿。」 56And now I will do to thee as thou hast written: but meet me at Ptolemais, that we may see one another, and I may give her to thee as thou hast said.
57一百六十二年,仆托肋米和他的女兒克婁帕達,離開埃及,來到仆托肋買。 57So Ptolemee went out of Egypt, with Cleopatra his daughter, and he came to Ptolemais in the hundred and sixty-second year.
58亞歷山大王來歡迎他,他就把女兒克婁帕達給亞歷山大為妻,並在仆托肋買,按王禮隆重的舉行了婚禮。 58And king Alexander met him, and he gave him his daughter Cleopatra: and he celebrated her marriage at Ptolemais, with great glory, after the manner of kings.
59那時,亞歷山大王也給約納堂寫信,請他來與自己會面。 59And king Alexander wrote to Jonathan, that he should come and meet him.
60約納堂便堂堂正正地來到了仆托肋買,與二王會面,也給他們和他們的朋友,送來金銀並許多禮品,深得他們的歡心。 60And he went honourably to Ptolemais, and he met there the two kings, and he gave them much silver, and gold, and presents: and he found favour in their sight.
61那時,以色列有些歹徒,即違背法律人,聚集起來控告他,無如國王置之不理, 61And some pestilent men of Israel, men of a wicked life, assembled themselves against him to accuse him: and the king gave no heed to them.
62王反命人脫去約納堂的衣服,給他穿上紫袍。人就照樣作了。 62And he commanded that Jonathan's garments should be taken off, and that he should be clothed with purple: and they did so. And the king made him sit by himself.
63王又叫他坐在自己身邊,向官員說:「你們陪着他往城裏去,宣佈說:無論因為什麼事,不得控告他;在一切事上,不得干擾他。」 63And he said to his princes: Go out with him into the midst of the city, and make proclamation, that no man complain against him of any matter, and that no man trouble him for any manner of cause.
64那時,控告他的人,一見他身披紫袍,享受的光榮如所宣佈的一樣,就都逃走了。 64So when his accusers saw his glory proclaimed, and him clothed with purple, they all fled away.
65國王為光榮他,又將他列入一等朋友中,並且封他為統帥,為總督。 65And the king magnified him, and enrolled him amongst his chief friends, and made him governor and partaker of his dominion.
66約納堂然後平安回到耶路撒冷,非常喜歡。 66And Jonathan returned into Jerusalem with peace and joy.
67一百六十五年,德默特琉兒子德默特琉,由克里特回到祖國。 67In the year one hundred and sixty-five Demetrius the son of Demetrius came from Crete into the land of his fathers.
68亞歷山大王聽說這消息,很是憂愁,就回到安提約基雅去。 68And king Alexander heard of it, and was much troubled, and returned to Antioch.
69德默特琉立阿頗羅尼為切肋敘利亞總督。阿頗羅尼遂集合大軍,在雅木尼雅紮營,且派人去見大司祭約納堂說: 69And king Demetrius made Apollonius his general, who was governor of Celesyria: and he gathered together a great army, and came to Jamnia: and he sent to Jonathan the high priest,
70「只有你起來攻擊我們,因為你的緣故,我為人恥笑,受人非難,你為什麼在山上向我們示威呢? 70Saying: Thou alone standest against us, and I am laughed at, and reproached, because thou shewest thy power against us in the mountains.
71所以現在,如果你仗恃兵力,就請下到平原,到我們這裏,彼此較量一下,因為我有許多城池可倚恃。 71Now therefore if thou trustest in thy forces, come down to us into the plain, and there let us try one another: for with me is the strength of war.
72你要查詢一下我是誰,其他作我們後盾又是誰。人都說,你們決不能抵抗我們,因為你的祖先,曾在自己的土地上,逃跑過兩次。 72Ask, and learn who I am, and the rest that help me, who also say that your foot cannot stand before our face, for thy fathers have twice been put to flight in their own land:
73現在這平原裏沒有石頭,也沒有磐石,更沒有逃避的地方,你決不能抵抗騎兵,和這麼多的軍隊。」 73And now how wilt thou be able to abide the horsemen, and so great an army in the plain, where there is no stone, nor rock, nor place to flee to?
74約納堂一聽阿頗羅尼的這些話,勃然大怒,挑選了一萬人,從耶路撒冷出發,他哥哥息孟也與他會合,給他助戰。 74Now when Jonathan heard the words of Apollonius, he was moved in his mind: and he chose ten thousand men, and went out of Jerusalem, and Simon his brother met him to help him.
75他便在約培對面紮了營。城裏的人關了城門,因為約培城內有阿頗羅尼的軍隊。猶太人於是攻城, 75And they pitched their tents near Joppe, but they shut him out of the city: because a garrison of Apollonius was in Joppe, and he laid siege to it.
76城中人心裏害怕,就開了門,約納堂遂佔領了約培。 76And they that were in the city being affrighted, opened the gates to him: so Jonathan took Joppe.
77阿頗羅尼聽說這事,遂即動員三千騎兵,一隊龐大的步兵,假作過路的樣式,向阿左托進發,卻突然開往平原,因為那裏有他所依仗的一大隊騎兵。 77And Apollonius heard of it, and he took three thousand horsemen, and a great army.
78那時,約納堂尾隨阿頗羅尼,也趕到阿左托,雙方軍隊於是交鋒, 78And he went to Azotus as one that was making a journey, and immediately he went forth into the plain: because he had a great number of horsemen, and he trusted in them. And Jonathan followed after him to Azotus, and they joined battle.
79阿頗羅尼曾留下一千騎兵,在他們背後埋伏。 79And Apollonius left privately in the camp a thousand horsemen behind them.
80約納堂也知道自己背後有埋伏;軍隊遂被包圍,從早到晚,受敵箭射擊。 80And Jonathan knew that there was an ambush behind him, and they surrounded his army, and cast darts at the people from morning till evening.
81但軍人遵從約納堂的命令,堅持不動,敵人的戰馬終於疲乏。 81But the people stood still, as Jonathan had commanded them: and so their horses were fatigued.
82息孟於是引軍隊出擊,加入陣線,敵軍終因騎兵都已疲憊,大敗逃走。 82Then Simon drew forth his army, and attacked the legion: for the horsemen were wearied: and they were discomfited by him, and fled.
83騎兵在平原裏四散奔逃,逃到阿左托,進入他們的達貢廟逃命。 83And they that were scattered about the plain, fled into Azotus, and went into Bethdagon their idol's temple, there to save themselves.
84但是,約納堂焚毀了阿左托及其四周村鎮,得了其中的戰利品,又將達貢廟和逃到裏面的人,都放火燒了。 84But Jonathan set fire to Azotus, and the cities that were around it, and took the spoils of them, and the temple of Dagon: and all them that were fled into it, he burnt with fire.
85這次死在刀下和燒死的,約有八千人。 85So they that were slain by the sword, with them that were burnt, were almost eight thousand men.
86約納堂離開那裏,又在阿市刻隆紮營,城裏的人都出來熱烈地歡迎他。 86And Jonathan removed his army from thence, and camped against Ascalon: and they went out of the city to meet him with great honour.
87約納堂然後率領部下,帶着許多戰利品,回了耶路撒冷。 87And Jonathan returned into Jerusalem with his people, having many spoils.
88亞歷山大王一聽說這事,就更加光榮約納堂: 88And it came to pass: When Alexander the king heard these words, that he honoured Jonathan yet more.
89就是將按習慣應賜給君王貴戚的金釦,送給他;並且還將厄刻龍及其屬地,賜給他作為產業。 89And he sent him a buckle of gold, as the custom is, to be given to such as are of the royal blood. And he gave him Accaron and all the borders thereof in possession.




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