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編年紀(上) 1 Chronicles
1達味年老,壽數將滿,遂立自己的兒子撒羅滿為以色列王。 1And David being old and full of days, made Solomon his son king over Israel.
2他召集了以色列所有的領袖、司祭和肋未人。 2And he gathered together all the princes of Israel, and the priests and Levites.
3肋未人自三十歲以上者,所有的男子都一一統計了,人數共計三萬八千: 3And the Levites were numbered from the age of thirty years, and upwards: and there were found of them thirty-eight thousand men.
4其中從事監督上主殿宇工作的有二萬四千;長官和判官有六千; 4Of these twenty-four thousand were chosen, and distributed unto the ministry of the house of the Lord: and six thousand were the overseers and judges.
5守衛的有四千;用達味所製的樂器讚頌上主的有四千。 5Moreover four thousand were porters: and as many singers singing to the Lord with the instruments, which he had made to sing with.
6達味按照肋未的兒子革爾雄、刻哈特和默辣黎,將他們編成班次: 6And David distributed them into courses by the families of the sons of Levi, to wit, of Gerson, and of Caath, and of Merari.
7屬革爾雄的:有拉當和史米。 7The sons of Gerson were Leedan and Semei.
8拉當的子孫:為首的是耶希耳,其次是則堂和約厄耳,共三人。 8The sons of Leedan: the chief Jahiel, and Zethan, and Joel, three.
9史米的子孫:舍羅米特、哈齊耳和哈郎,共三人。這些都是拉當家族的族長。 9The sons of Semei: Salomith, and Hosiel, and Aran, three: these were the heads of the families of Leedan.
10史米的子孫:雅哈特、齊匝、耶烏士和貝黎雅。這四人都是史米的子孫, 10And the sons of Semei were Leheth, and Ziza, and Jaus, and Baria: these were the sons of Semei, four.
11為首的是雅哈特,齊匝次之。耶烏士和貝黎雅子孫不多,所以算為一個家族,歸為一班。 11And Leheth was the first, Ziza the second: but Jaus and Baria had not many children, and therefore they were counted in one family, and in one house.
12刻哈特的子孫:阿默蘭、依茲哈爾、赫貝龍、和烏齊耳,共四人。 12The sons of Caath were Amram, and Isaar, Hebron, and Oziel, four.
13阿默蘭的兒子:亞郎和梅瑟。亞郎與其子孫應分別出來,受祝聖為至聖潔的人,直到永遠;在天主面前焚香事奉他,以他的名為人祝福,直到永遠。 13The sons of Amram, Aaron, and Moses. And Aaron was separated to minister in the holy of holies, he and his sons for ever, and to burn incense before the Lord, according to his ceremonies, and to bless his name for ever.
14至於天主的人梅瑟,他的子孫歸於肋未支派。 14The sons also of Moses, the man of God, were numbered in the tribe of Levi.
15梅瑟的兒子:革爾熊和厄里厄則爾。 15The sons of Moses were Gersom and Eliezer:
16革爾熊的子孫,為首的是叔巴耳。 16The sons of Gersom: Subuel the first.
17厄里厄則爾的子孫,為首的是勒哈彼雅。厄里厄則爾沒有別的兒子,但勒哈彼雅兒子眾多。 17And the sons of Eliezer were: Rohobia the first: and Eliezer had no more sons. But the sons of Rohobia were multiplied exceedingly.
18依茲哈爾的子孫,為首的是舍羅米特。 18The sons of Isaar: Salomith the first.
19赫貝龍的子孫:為首的是耶黎雅,次為阿瑪黎雅,三為雅哈齊耳,四為雅刻默罕。 19The sons of Hebron: Jeriau the first, Amarias the second, Jahaziel the third, Jecmaam the fourth.
20烏齊耳的子孫:為首的是米加,其次是依史雅。 20The sons of Oziel: Micha the first, Jesia the second.
21默辣黎的子孫:瑪赫里和慕史。瑪赫里的子孫:厄肋阿匝爾和克士。 21The sons of Merari: Moholi, and Musi. The sons of Moholi: Eleazar and Cia.
22厄肋阿匝爾死了,沒有兒子,只有女兒,因此克士的兒子,即她們的堂兄弟娶了她們為妻。 22And Eleazar died, and had no sons but daughters: and the sons of Cis their brethren took them.
23慕史的子孫瑪赫里、厄德爾和耶黎摩特,共三人。 23The sons of Musi: Moholi, and Eder, and Jerimoth, three.
24這些人按他們的家族,都是肋未的子孫,都是二十歲以上,一一報名登記,在上主殿內擔任職務的首領。 24These are the sons of Levi in their kindreds and families, princes by their courses, and the number of every head that did the works of the ministry of the house of the Lord from twenty years old and upward.
25因為達味曾想:「上主以色列的天主即使自己的百姓獲得安寧,自己又永遠定居在耶路撒冷, 25For David said: The Lord the God of Israel hath given rest to his people, and a habitation in Jerusalem for ever.
26肋未人就無須再抬會幕及其中應用的一切器具。」 26And it shall not be the office of the Levites to carry any more the tabernacle, and all the vessels for the service thereof.
27為此按達味最後的吩咐,肋未子孫應由二十歲開始登記。 27So according to the last precepts of David, the sons of Levi are to be numbered from twenty years old and upward.
28他們的任務是在上主殿內供職,輔助亞郎的子孫,管理庭院及廂房,洗淨所有的聖物,並擔任天主聖殿中的各種工作。 28And they are to be under the hand of the sons of Aaron for the service of the house of the Lord, in the porches, and in the chambers, and in the place of purification, and in the sanctuary, and in all the works of the ministry of the temple of the Lord.
29又管理供餅,素祭細麵,或用盤烤,或用油抹的無酵餅,以及各種度量衡; 29And the priests have the charge of the leaves of proposition, and of the sacrifice of fine flour, and of the unleavened cakes, and of the fryingpan, and of the roasting, and of every weight and measure.
30每日早晚應前去稱謝讚頌上主; 30And the Levites are to stand in the morning to give thanks, and to sing praises to the Lord: and in like manner in the evening,
31每逢安息日、月朔及節日,向上主獻各種全燔祭時,應常按規定的數目到上主面前; 31As well in the oblation of the holocausts of the Lord, as in the sabbaths and in the new moons, and the rest of the solemnities, according to the number and ceremonies prescribed for every thing, continually before the Lord.
32應負責照顧會幕及聖所,並照顧他們在上主殿內供職的弟兄──亞郎的子孫。 32And let them keep the observances of the tabernacle of the covenant, and the ceremonies of the sanctuary, and the charge of the sons of Aaron their brethren, that they may minister in the house of the Lord.




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