1 Chronicles:Chapter 20


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編年紀(上) 1 Chronicles
1一年復始,正當諸王出征的季節,約阿布統率精兵,蹂躪了阿孟子民的地方,然後去包圍了辣巴,當時達味留在耶路撒冷。約阿布攻陷了辣巴加以破壞。 1And it came to pass after the course of a year, at the time that kings go out to battle, Joab gathered together an army and the strength of the troops, and wasted the land of the children of Ammon: and went and besieged Rabba. But David stayed at Jerusalem, when Joab smote Rabba, and destroyed it.
2達味從米耳公的頭上,取下他的冠冕來,發現有一『塔冷通』重的金子,上面還有一塊寶石。達味將這塊寶石戴在自己頭上;並由城中運走了大批的戰利品。 2And David took the crown of Melchom from his head, and found in it a talent weight of gold, and most precious stones, and he made himself a diadem of it: he took also the spoils of the city which were very great.
3至於城內的居民,達味將他們帶走,叫他們拉鋸、持鎚、操斧工作。達味如此對待了阿孟子民所有的城市,然後率領全軍回了耶路撒冷。 3And the people that were therein he brought out: and made harrows, and sleds, and chariots of iron to go over them, so that they were cut and bruised to pieces: in this manner David dealt with all the cities of the children of Ammon: and he returned with alibis people to Jerusalem.
4這些事以後,又與培肋舍特人在革則爾發生戰事。胡沙人息開擊殺了辣法巨人的後裔息派,他們便投降歸順了。 4After this there arose a war at Gazer against the Philistines: in which Sabachai the Husathite slew Saphai of the race of Raphaim, and humbled them.
5以後,又與培肋舍特交戰,雅依爾的兒子厄耳哈難擊殺了加特人哥肋雅的兄弟拉赫米。這人的長矛粗如織布機的橫軸。 5Another battle also was fought against the Philistines, in which Adeodatus the son of Saltus a Bethlehemite slew the brother of Goliath the Gethite, the staff of whose spear was like a weaver's beam.
6此後,在加特又起了戰事,在那裏有一巨人,兩手各有六指,兩足亦各有六趾,共有二十四個,也是辣法巨人的後裔。 6There was another battle also in Geth, in which there was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on each hand and foot: who also was born of the stock of Rapha.
7由於他辱罵了以色列,達味的兄弟史默亞的兒子約納堂將他殺死: 7He reviled Israel: but Jonathan the son of Samaa the brother of David slew him. These were the sons of Rapha in Geth, who fell by the hand of David and his servants.
8這些人全是加特城辣法巨人的子孫,都喪身在達味和他的臣僕手裏。 8




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