1 Chronicles:Chapter 13


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編年紀(上) 1 Chronicles
1達味與千夫長、百夫長並所所有的官員商議後, 1And David consulted with the captains of thousands, and of hundreds, and with all the commanders.
2就對以色列全會眾說:「如果你們認為好,如果這事是出於上主我們的天主,我們可派遣人,去見留在以色列各地其餘的弟兄,及寄居在城郊的司祭和肋未人,召集他們到我們這裏來, 2And he said to all the assembly of Israel: If it please you; and if the words which I speak come from the Lord our God, let us send to the rest of our brethren into all the countries of Israel, and to the priests, and the Levites, that dwell in the suburbs of the cities, to gather themselves to us,
3為將我們天主的約櫃運到我們這裏,因為在撒烏耳時,我們從沒有關心過它。」 3And let us bring again the ark of our God to us: for we sought it not in the days of Saul.
4全會眾都說應該這樣行,因為這件事眾百姓都認為合理。 4And all the multitude answered that it should be so: for the word pleased all the people.
5達味遂由埃及小河至哈瑪特關口,將所有的以色列人召來,要將天主的約櫃從克黎雅特耶阿陵運回來。 5So David assembled all Israel from Sihor of Egypt, even to the entering into Emath, to bring the ark of God from Cariathiarim.
6達味率領以色列民眾到了巴阿拉,即猶大的克黎雅特耶阿陵,要從那裏將天主的約櫃運上來,這約櫃名叫「坐於革魯賓上的上主。」 6And David went up with all the men of Israel to the hill of Cariathiarim which is in Juda, to bring thence the ark of the Lord God sitting upon the cherubims, where his name is called upon.
7他們由阿彼納達布家將天主的約櫃抬出,放在一輛新車上,烏匝和阿希約駕車; 7And they carried the ark of God upon a new cart, out of the house of Abinadab. And Oza and his brother drove the cart.
8達味和全以色列人在天主前,盡力舞蹈,隨着彈琴、拉弦、敲鼓、擊鈸、鳴號的節奏謳歌; 8And David and all Israel played before God with all their might with hymns, and with harps, and with psalteries, and timbrels, and cymbals, and trumpets,
9來近基冬禾場時,因為牛將天主的約櫃傾倒,烏匝便伸手扶住; 9And when they came to the floor of Chidon, Oza put forth his hand, to hold up the ark: for the ox being wanton had made it lean a little on one side.
10因為他伸手扶了約櫃,上主遂向烏匝發怒,將他擊殺,他便當下死在天主面前。 10And the Lord was angry with Oza, and struck him, because he had touched the ark; and he died there before the Lord.
11達味因為上主擊殺了烏匝,很覺悲傷,遂給那地方起名叫「培勒茲烏匝」,直到今日。 11And David was troubled because the Lord had divided Oza: and he called that place the Breach of Oza to this day.
12那天達味對天主害了怕,心想:「我怎能將天主的約櫃運到我那裏?」 12And he feared God at that time, saying: How can I bring in the ark of God to me?
13因此達味沒有把約櫃運往達味城他自己那裏,轉運至加特人敖貝得厄東家。 13And therefore he brought it not home to himself, that is, into the city of David, but carried it aside into the house of Obededom the Gethite.
14天主的約櫃在敖貝得厄東家中存放了三個月;上主祝福了敖貝得厄東的家和他的一切所有。 14And the ark of God remained in the house of Obededom three months: and the Lord blessed his house, and all that he had.




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